“Martha Stewart border punches…it’s a good thing” Oh how true that is!

This double loop border punch is beautiful on it own (see photo-border #1 below) but as you will see I also have a few other looks that you can achieve with this punch.

Border#2 is a flower border. This is easily created by simply punching out the border and trimming every 3rd loop on the second row.


Border #3 is a beautiful lace flower ribbon.

Here are the steps to create the lace flower ribbon:

  • Start with a 1 inch strip of cardstock. To start punching, place the end at the 2nd grid line up from the punch mechanism. I have marked the start end of the paper strip with an x. This step is your starting reference point and will ensure symmetry when punching out your lace flower ribbon.
  • When punching, line up your previous punched shape with the template on the punch. Also always make sure the paper is straight against the back edge of the punch.
  • After you have finished punching out the border on one side, rotate your paper, line up the strip (start end marked with an x) at the 2nd grid line on the other side of the punch.
  • Keep punching and admire how you’ve just created your very own beautiful lace flower ribbon! It does take a little practice but I think you’ll love the end result.

Will this technique work with other Martha Stewart border punch borders? It should as long as the border shape is a geometric pattern. You just need to measure the height of the actual border and double this measurement for your starting width of your cardstock strip.