Hello, it’s Nathalie and I am here today to offer you a rare glimpse into my scrap room. “Room” is a big word, as due to a lack of space, I am set up in a modest little corner of our master bedroom, but it works for me most of the time. You can see it in its entirety on this photo (to give you an idea, the lampshade on the bottom left is on my nightstand!). I’ll be happy to share some of my favorite things with you and a bit about my organization as well.


For those of you with very small spaces or none at all, I can not emphasize enough how setting up a permanent, albeit small, table in a corner is a game-changer. You won’t have to pack up your things every time you scrap and you can stop by even just for a few minutes to push some papers around.

Pretty much everything is on the shelves on the right and when it is overflowing, it is time to purge. Hence my second tip for small spaces: purge often and relentlessly.


Being on a few design teams, my supplies are organized by manufacturer. The very top shelf is dedicated to my Doodlebug Design goodies and this favorite desk organizer from Ikea (“Fjälla”) carries most of my Elle’s Studio supplies.


Another one of my favorite things for my small space is my ephemera files. I only print my photos as I go, but I keep the ephemera until I get to scrap the trip, vacation or event I have collected them from into this portable file holder (from Target). Some of it actually never makes it into an album but being the sentimental person that I am, I hang on to it anyways.


I am actually big on upcycling as much as I can, which is my last tip for you: join your local “Buy Nothing” group if you have one—that’s where someone gifted me this washi container! Re-use boxes and spaghetti jars or vases in creative ways. Find baskets around the house that might fit right into your small space.


If you are wondering, my finished albums and well-used typewriter are set up in our living room. 

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions regarding my organization or my space and I will be happy to answer them here in the comments. Thanks for stopping by today! 

~ Nathalie