Happy Wednesday SCT friends!  Thanks for stopping by. A while back we asked our talented design team for some of their tried and true tips to organize their craft space! Here are some of their great ideas that just may help you too!


I don't have a huge stash of washi tape, but came up with an easy way to organize the ones that I do have. I wanted a way to know what manufacturer each roll of tape came from. Most tapes, once out of their package, don't have any markings on them to tell you where they're from, and I don't want to have to rely on memory to keep track of them. So I sorted out my tapes by manufacturer, and then put them on rings together.


Some manufacturers might have just one ring, some might have two to three rings. They're easy to add too, if I get new tapes. And they're easy to take apart, if I want to remove a roll or two for something. To label them, I took out some really old vellum tags, scribbled the manufacturer's name on, and added the tag right to the binder ring. Then I just toss all of the binder rings into a big basket. Easy peasy." ~  Laura Vegas

Storage_sheri reguly

"I love using clear plastic canisters and mason jars for storing and organizing supplies. Some are kept in open view, while others are stored away behind closed doors. Either way, I like how I can easily see what’s inside at a quick glance. I have a large one for tags, die cuts and miscellaneous bits and pieces from ephemera packs, as well as several for washi tapes, bakers twine, small stamps etc.  I also have several pretty ceramic bowls throughout my workspace. Some store smaller embellishments, while others are there to simply hold all those little unused odds and ends until they make it back to their proper home."  ~  Sheri Reguly

"I love using glass ramekin bowls to hold my glitter, embossing powders, sequins, buttons etc.  I purchased these ramekins from the dollar store and love they come with lids (and they secure tight too) and are stackable.  These bowls are not only pretty they are very practical.  


Applying glitter or embossing powder is super easy because I can just hold the object over the mouth of the bowl and spoon out the glitter letting the excess spill back into the bowl.  No messy clean up or trying to funnel glitter back into a tiny bottle. Another benefit is because they are glass bowls, there is enough weight to them to sit sturdy on your craft table and won’t knock over too easily.  Yes I have cried over spilled glitter, thank goodness that’s all in the past!” ~  Virginia Nebel


"Keep often-used tools and supplies together in a divided bin or box. I found this wooden compartment at a thrift store and it holds my most-used items: scissors, hole punches, writing utensils, date stamps, erasers, & adhesive!"  ~  Lisa Dickinson

Jen Gallacher Photo Prop Shelves with Watermark

I am always taking photos of my finished cards, layouts, and paper crafting projects. To keep those photos looking fresh, I've collected several photo props over the years. I thought you might want a peek at how I organize those items. You can see like items are typically placed next to one another, making the job of taking photos a lot easier than it once was when items were stored all over my house." ~ Jen Gallacher

"My organizational photo is nothing fancy but I think it's SO important. If you scrapbook or make cards, you have scraps.  And over time you can literally drown in them (I speak from experience).  So this box lives under my desk.  Again, it's nothing fancy, I have chipboard dividers with a color chip attached.  It keeps me organized."  ~  Marla Kress

We also asked our readers to share some of their ideas a while back and would love to see yours too!  Be sure to send any images to us by Friday, May 22 and we'll select a few to share right here next Wednesday!  Sent images not larger than 1MB to ideas@scrapbookandcards.com and put "organization tip" in your reference line.  We look forward to seeing your tips and tricks!