By Davinie Fiero

Finding different ways to make flowers has been a popular trend in scrapbooking lately. With that in mind, I wanted to share a floral technique to make rosettes on your layouts, just as I did on my “Fresh” layout for the Spring 2010 issue on page 43 (be sure to download this beautiful issue for FREE!).

I had seen a table centerpiece on the web with these tight rosebuds and wanted to create something similar for my layout. As I was working on this project, I wasn’t happy with how my flower was looking, which then resulted in a happy accident that has turned into something I adore making. And, I wanted to share with you how these pretty little things came about!

Trim a circle. I used circle punches for my flowers. You could also used a scallop circle.

Take your scissors and trim a swirl around the perimeter a few times, getting smaller each time. You don’t need to draw a line first either. Just eyeball it and keep trimming.

Roll it up.

This is where the happiness happened. I rolled it up and wasn’t really happy with my flower. I thought it was far too tight and was far too dimensional for my page.

So I put it down on my craft table. Let go. And got this when it loosened up a bit:

And I was instantly in love. And then I made several more in different sizes…lol! When you are adhering, you can adjust it. You can hide the end with a brad or a button in the middle of your flower, just as I did on my layout.

Tip: To adhere the flower, the easiest way is to use glue dots as you roll.

There are many variations of this flower all over the web now. You can roll it tight, sand the top, and create lots of different sizes!

Have fun creating!

~ Davinie

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