Here’s a cute and easy idea for Easter treat bags! These peek-a-boo Easter treat bags are great for school friends, teachers, or in the kids’ Easter baskets.

Here’s what you need to get started:

* Cellophane bag
* 2 coordinating patterned papers
* 12 inch ribbon strip
* 2 copies of the Happy Easter tag (download link below)
* 2-3 inches of twine
* Scallop circle punch
* Circle cutter or punches (slightly smaller than the scallop circle punch, and 1 inch in diameter)
* ¼ inch hole punch
* Clear tape
* Easter candy


1. Cut one of the patterned papers into a 12 inch long strip about as wide as your cellophane bag.
2. Cut a scallop circle out of the coordinating patterned paper and adhere it to the center of your 12 inch strip about 1-1 ½ inches from the top.
3. Using a circle punch or circle cutter, cut a slightly smaller circle into the center of the scallop circle.

4. Print the Happy Easter tags on white cardstock and punch out with a 1 inch circle punch (or circle cutter). Glue the two tags together (wrong sides together) and punch or cut a small hole in the top. (CLICK HERE to download tags.) **
5. Thread your twine through the small hole at the top of the tag and tape the two ends together onto the back of your 12 inch patterned paper strip so that the tag hangs in the center of your scallop hole.


6. Put candy in your cellophane bag, fold down the top of the bag, and tape it shut.
7. Wrap the patterned paper strip around the bag so that the ends are even at the top. Punch two holes about an inch apart in the top center of the strip. (Make sure you get the bag as well.)
8. Thread your ribbon into the holes from the back of the bag and tie it in a bow.


**Note: Tags are in compressed .PNG format and must be extracted before you can use them. They will open in your photo editing software or in Microsoft Word as well.

Enjoy and Happy Easter!!

Article by: Aly Dosdall