Today, we are so excited to welcome our friends from Totally Tiffany to the blog, our most organized partner! From storing paper to photos and pens, Totally Tiffany has an organization solution for your craft space, and the product that they’re sharing today is not only pretty but stores multiple products in a perfect way!


Raise your hand if you need a better way to organize your markers, pens, pencils, and ink pads? If your hand is up, then Totally-Tiffany is here to help you to get and stay organized! 

Over this past year, you may have discovered or possibly rediscovered your love of coloring and stamping. Both hobbies are fun to have, but the supplies that you need to complete projects can be a challenge to both organize and store.

To solve this challenge, Totally-Tiffany created their Desk Maid 15’’ Pen & Ink Palace!



The Desk Maid 15’’ Pen & Ink Palace is a desktop organizer that allows you to neatly store your markers and ink pads while still having easy access to them. Each Pen & Ink Palace has six shelves, and five of them pull out for full access to all of your supplies. Plus, the top portion of the organizer is a convenient storage space for glitter glues, embellishments, and even more stamping supplies!

There are so many things to love about the Desk Maid 15’’ Pen & Ink Palace that we wanted to share the top 5 biggest advantages for using this organizer in your space!

  1. Markers are VERY accessible.
  2. You can store your double-tipped markers and ink pads flat.
  3. There are no dividers, so if you add a new color to your collection, it’s very easy to slide it into place. This means you don’t need to move EVERY individual marker or ink pad as you are required to do with other “divided” storage units.
  4. By removing a shelf, you can stack inks (like Mementos or Stephanie Barnard inks) by two, allowing you to store even more!
  5. Almost any size, brand, or style of marker can be stored in the 15’’ Pen & Ink Palace. The only exception is Chameleon markers because they are a bit too long.

The Desk Maid 15’’ Pen & Ink Palace will easily become your new best friend in your craft room! To learn more about the different types of markers and ink pads that can be stored in this organizer, we recommend checking out this video:

And one more look…

If you had the Desk Maid 15’’ Pen & Ink Palace, would you use it to organize markers, ink pads, or both?  


What an awesome, must-have organization product! Be sure to follow Totally Tiffany at the links below to see more of this Desk Maid 15’’ Pen & Ink Palace, as well as hundreds of other amazing products to keep your space neat and organized in style!

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