Hello SCT Friends!

If you are like me you can very easily spend hours on Pinterest. I go there to look at one project, or to look for one recipe, and the next thing I know it is hours later and I have forgotten what I was looking for. During this time, I have found lots of projects that I want to create as well as layouts and cards that I love the look of. Does this happen to you?

Today, we are going to give you a reason to spend some time looking at beautiful projects on our website and then pin up to four of your favourite images for a chance to win a fabulous prize package from our annual Creativation trade show we are heading to on Thursday! Sound good?

When each issue is released, we share the complete magazine, all of the artwork as well as the article PDFs on our website. Beginning with the Spring 2017 issue, all of the artwork is in a gallery where you can see all of the images at a glance and you can click on any image and scroll through the projects in a larger size.

We want you to look at the galleries for the 2017 issues and pin up to four images. When you pin the image you will need to include the hashtags #winwithsct and #sctmagazine for a chance to win. You can choose one image from each of the four 2017 issues for four chances to win.

The 2017 issues and galleries can be found here:

To enter to win, you need to complete two steps:

  1. Pin up to one image from each of the four 2017 issues and include the hashtags #winwithsct and #sctmagazine
  2. Leave a comment on this blog post telling us how many images you pinned and your username on Pinterest

One winner will randomly be drawn from all of the images pinned to Pinterest using these hashtags. This giveaway runs until noon EST on January 22nd.  The winner will be announced on January 23rd.

Good Luck!

~ Jen