Welcome back to another planner feature with Scrapbook & Cards Today and Jillibean Soup’s Day 2 Day collection! In our last post, we introduced you to our new planner collection that released at the beginning of the year. Today we’d like to share with you some of our team’s planners that show HOW they used these fun products!

  Planner - image 1 rebecca

Designer, Rebecca Kappel used the monthly date stickers to number her calendar. Our calendar pages come undated so you can start using them today and continue using them into next year with no problem going from 2017 to 2018. You can also see she used some of the removable arrow stickers and notes. These are great to highlight a specific event or make a quick note and add it to a square in your calendar. Tip: If you don’t get the task complete, move the note to another date!

  Planner Image 2 - Leanne
Designer Leanne Allinson used a few of the stamps that fit perfectly inside each of the squares on the planner pages. Tip: She added a few of the fun cardstock stickers and epoxy stickers for a pop of color and to add a bit of fun to a daily event.

  Planner Image 3 - Leanne
Leanne also used a bit of our washi tape to just bring a smile to her face! Tip: The fun paper clips – such as the big thumb tack clip, help keep your place in your planner as well as add a bit of whimsy.

  Planner Image 4 - Wendy

Designer Wendy Antenucci went decked out her February with some of the removable note squares with the cute puffy stickers added to them. She also added a few of the epoxy hearts and stars along with some of the die-cuts from the Hardy Hodgepodge collection. Tip: They perfectly coordinate our Day 2 Day collection. As do all the other Jillibean collections.  It’s like we ‘planned’ it!

  Planner Image 5 - Wendy

Wendy also used the stamps here to frame a few embellishments. Got to just love how those stamps fit perfectly inside the planner squares!

Planner Image 6 - Summer

Designer Summer Fullerton had a blast playing with the different supplies. I think her favorite is the wine glass clip she used on the upper left corner of her planner.

Planner Image 7 - Megan
Our friend, Megan Hoppener used the stamps, washi tape, clips and epoxy stickers to ‘scrapbook’ in her planner. Tip: We love how she thought outside the box and added photos from her week. A great way to keep memories and not just the daily schedule!

To see more of our Day 2 Day products be sure to visit our website and to see more projects, be sure to follow our blog!

 ~ Kimber McGray, Jillibean Soup