Hello all my lovely planner friends!  How are you? I am always excited to have you here with me each month!  

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I love talking planners, and this month I wanted to change things up a bit and show you all a fun little DIY technique that I have been obsessed with using in my planner. This is a little technique that I actually just stumbled across on a recent purchase….but once I started playing with these tools I became truly addicted.  Maybe some of you are already familiar with them, for others this may be new for you too.

OK, so let's get started.  

On a recent trip to Michaels I purchased a set of Kelly Purkey planner stamps.  Now I do not really use a die cutter often, but I noticed that in the stamp set came these really cute metal dies. 

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You can use them as is, or coordinate and embellish them further with the corresponding stamps from the set.

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Well….once I started playing with these and my huge piles of scrap paper I have fallen in LOVE with creating super cute tags and tabs to go on my planner pages.  Trust me on this, it is so much fun!  Let me show you just how easy this technique is.

To begin, I whipped out my Big Shot die cutter and some scrap paper.

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I think this is one of the things I love most about these metal die tabs.  Not only do they come in so many cute designs and styles, but what an awesome way to make use of a scrap paper stash!  Especially those little pieces of paper we all hate throwing out.  Whose with me?!?

I then placed the metal dies face down on my patterned paper that I placed on the cutting plate.

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Place the second cutting plate on top.

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Now feed the plates through the die cutting machine and once that is complete simply remove the metal dies revealing your perfectly cut tabs and tags! 

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Note that it is often handy to have a paper piercing tool close by.  Sometimes you will have to gently "pop" out your tag/tab by placing the paper piercer through one of the tiny holes on the die. This just helps push it out.

Just think of all the creative possibilities now!  With these metal dies you can create an endless array of tabs and tags in your favourite shapes, using your favourite patterns of paper and truly never run out! I LOVE this!

I had so much fun using them in my planner this month.  

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I love how the edges peek out and the variety of tabs add so much visual interest to my pages.  I even loved adding them on my Instax photos too.  

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And as always some favourite highlights of this month…

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(visit my site here for this free printable!)

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I hope that you have enjoyed this little demo on creating your own tabs and tags for your planner. I am so in love with creating custom tabs and tags, I just know you will be too!

See you in November 🙂

~ Lindsay Bateman

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