Hello hello all of my favourite people.  How are you? I am SO happy to be back this month….there has been SO many exciting things "product wise" happening in the planner world since August.  I cannot wait to talk about them!

Even though my heart aches a little bit that the official months of summer will soon be behind us, I am excited for fall, pumpkin spice everything and a great month of September!  Whose with me?!?

But first….let's talk August.

So, if you have not yet heard the exciting news, Michaels Stores have just been stocked with some amazing brand new planner/memory keeping products!

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This month not only did Heidi Swapp release a brand new instalment of Memory Planners, Memory Keeping journals and accessories; but We R Memory Keepers also released their Typecast collection…which yes, involves an actual vintage typewriter! In both black AND pink!  Swoon!

Augustmemoryplanner (1 of 24)Be still my planner heart!

Needless to say, my planner this month involved both!  I am SO excited to share it with you.  The typewriter alone is such a game changer for me and the way I will choose to tell and capture my story and life details within my planner pages.

But first up, let's talk a gold memory planner shall we?

The brand new gold Heidi Swapp Memory Planner is absolutely beautiful.

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This matte finish is divine, and the inside is full of delicious gold and black accent detailing.  I am loving the twist to the dashboard pages too as they are a bit different than the pages in the last planner release.

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So for those of you who are looking to start a planner….now may be just the perfect time to start!  Remember….these planners all come with binder mechanisms inside so it is easy to adjust and switch out the months pages to when you start and they are all undated as well.

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For August, this bright ideas divider is so fun.  

Again, the planners still contain the pocket pages so no change there but you can see that the dashboard page is altered slightly.  I love it!  

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I am loving the little bullet point accents, and the place to add a sentiment and/or note at the bottom.

You can see that the calendar pages are similar to the last planner.  However this month I added some type detailing.  Can you spot it?

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YES!  Hello Typecast.

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This brilliant machine has totally changed the way I add notes and journaling into my planner.  Not only does it just look beautiful, now I don't have to worry if I feel like my handwriting is going to mess things up! Trust me, it is a real anxiety for me! LOL.  Simply placing my planner pages inside the typewriter to add my notes and sentiment is all it takes.  Super user friendly and addicting.  I seriously want to type all. the. time!

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So as you can see, all I did here was simply place my calendar page inside the carrier and typed away.

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Of course, this love affair with my Typecast did NOT end here.

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Using the Typecast in my planner this month made telling our story easier than ever.  I know we talked a few months ago about my desire to increase my journaling and story telling.  Now I am so blessed to have the perfect tool to help me do just that.

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It is so fun to create different ways to add in typed embellishments as well using the Typecast.  Here, you can see I added a fun typed label to my Instax photo.  The Typecast line comes with a ton of extras and products that are ready to be utilized and customized with the Typecast.  It is so much fun.  Who doesn't love the ability to create customized embellishments?  These little labels come blank.  Simply place inside the Typecast, add your sentiment and then place on your project. Easy peasy!

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It is also super cool to combine my stamps, handwriting and type all on one page.  You can achieve so many great effects when doing this.  I just love the added variety.

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I am SO in love with these new planner products this month.  It was just the jump start I needed to keep me excited about memory keeping.  If you have not yet had a chance to see these new products live, I hope you will arrange a visit to your local Michaels Stores to check them out.  I know you will fall just as much in love with them as I did.  

And for those of you who are still deciding on whether or not to start a Memory Planner, now may be just the perfect time to start!  

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Thank you again for joining me here on the SCT blog.  I look forward to sharing and connecting with you all every month.  See you back here in a few weeks!

~ Lindsay Bateman, media team member for Heidi Swapp