Hello everybody! First off, I hope your summer has been treating you all amazingly. Let’s ENJOY these last weeks of sunshine, shall we? I am in utter denial that next month is August….but let’s not talk about it just yet, OK? ;) 


Let’s talk Memory Planner!


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This month, I used a kit club to help pull my stories together. Kit clubs are just awesome! There are so many incredible kit clubs out there. For those of you unfamiliar with kit clubs, what they are are monthly products that are pulled together by various brands/manufacturers.  They are full of coordinating, fun and unique products that are delivered by mail right to your door.  So you do not even have to leave your house?  How awesome is that?  Happy mail each month? YES PLEASE!


So, this month I used my Ali Edwards Story Stamp/Story Kit™ to capture my July.  You can read more about these kits here. I truly encourage you to check them out if you have not.  They are nothing short of amazing!


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Pictured above is last months Story Stamp “Believe”, as well as one of Ali's new ink pads that have just been released.  The Story Kit™(not pictured since I used most of it within this months planner pages) is full of various product.  Think 3×4 & 4×6 cards, chipboard pieces, fun embellishments etc.  Each month is different so it is always a pleasant surprise!


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I really think kit clubs are awesome for planners especially as they help to truly simplify the memory keeping process especially if you are short on time, or do not do well with a ton of supplies staring you in the face.  Kit clubs truly help facilitate documenting and story telling because they keep things simple, yet fun and trendy.  By having what you need all in one place, and in sticking with those products to streamline your documenting I promise you you will be able to be successful in your documenting if you find you easily get overwhelmed or have no idea where to start in your planner!


Ok, let me share my month with you!


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To begin this month, I used this beautiful quote card that is included each month in the Story Kit™ to serve as a solid reminder by placing it on my month divider page.  


On the back side, I included another one of the 4×6 quote cards.


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One of the things I love most about the Story Kit™ is that it really is an encourager of stories.  There is a lot of “food for thought” within this kit specifically.  So for me, and the way I approach my Memory Planner it is super helpful.  With all of the prompts and words, it really gets my wheels turning and helps me to stay focused and on track with my documenting.  


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This month I stuck to embellishments on my photo sleeve page. I also trimmed down cards from the kit to fit in the pockets, adding stamping directly onto the pocket. This was fun to make.


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Next up calendar pages.


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I really had fun with these pages this month.  I used a lot of stuff from my stash….plus kit contents and stamping!  Stamping is one of my favourite things to do on my calendar pages and the Story Stamp is so perfect for these pages.  I love the words, the prompts.  Everything about them. They are the perfect embellishment for these pages for sure. I use my stamps all the time.


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 Now on to the rest of my pages.  


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Since this month started on a Friday, I had a full blank page on the backside of my calendar.  Instead of leaving it blank I decided to simply cover it up with pattern paper and add a photo to it.  Kind of like a mini scrapbook page.  Just an idea to deal with those pesky blank pages.


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I incorporated some of the stamps and a journaling card from the story kit onto this page.  They are such great “space fillers” when you are not sure what to put in certain spots.  I love that.


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I love adding cards into my planner from the kit as an extra “flap” or “page”.  These cards are so beautiful all you have to do is simply punch holes and place in.  Easy and awesome.


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I love using the stamps to add bold titles or to create additional layers/embellishments. Here I combined stamps and some of the chipboard pieces from the kit to create a fun decorative element.  Again, a great way to fill up those spaces when you just don’t know what to do.  It happens to us all, believe me! 😉


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I love using the black alpha stickers from the Story Kit™ this month to create cute captions and titles.  The font is brilliant.


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I love the chipboard pieces for embellishing.  Never can have enough of these.  And I love that we get a set in every kit.  They are my favourite….among everything else in these kits…ha!


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I hope you enjoyed seeing how I incorporate a kit club into my planner this month.  Note that this kit is not “planner specific”.  However, that is what I wanted to share most. The versatility of most (if not all) kit clubs is incredible. They are great tools to utilize in your documenting process and really help to keep things simplified.  I find I can get overwhelmed easily so if I stick to using a kit, I am way more successful and focused in my work flow and pulling my planner together.


So as always thank you for stopping by.  I appreciate sharing my journey/ memory planner process with you all so very much. 


See you in August!


~ Lindsay Bateman





Would you love to win a Story Kit™ by Ali Edwards? Be sure to leave a comment below by August 26th! We'll announce the winner in Lindsay's next Planner series blog post on 31st! Good luck! You can check out all of Ali's kits by visiting her website here! Also, be sure to see her amazing and thought provoking article in each issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine. We loved her thoughts on summer here