Hello SCT readers!  I’m excited to be here today to share my 2015 pocket page approach. This year I’ve decided to simplify my process, in the past I’ve tried a weekly approach with 12×12 pocket pages but this proved to be too much for me to keep up with. Last year I tried a 9×12 monthly approach but I felt that it lacked structure. So this year I’m using a handbook and documenting on a weekly basis. 


I will also only focus on a couple of items during the week, as opposed to documenting everything that happened. I will select what stood out in the week and document these moments. Also if I do not have any activity to document for a week, I will dedicate that week to one of my girls and document what is going on in their lives. I like that this approach will give me structure (weekly documenting), all the while not feeling too restricted with the items to document. The smaller size also makes this much more manageable.


This spread is dedicated to the first week of January, I decided to count Jan 1 to 4 as a week on its own and used it as an intro to my album. I’ve also decided this year to use mostly black and white picture, I love the look of B&W, they look crisp and fresh and hide a lot of flaws or distracting objects that may appear in pictures. My documenting is always done using either my vintage or electronic typewriter, I much prefer the look of the typewriter than my own hand writing, again no pressure, I don’t think my girls will look back and say they wished I used my own handwriting, so I’m giving myself permission to let go of what doesn’t work for me. In order to maximize the space, I will often add the journaling directly to the picture, especially a 4×6 picture.


I thought I’d share my favorite tips and tricks for documenting pocket pages;

  • Keep it simple, focus on one or two elements/activities;
  • Document directly on the picture, this maximize the space;
  • Use similar elements to embellish your cards and pictures, this creates a cohesive design;
  • Use what you have, don’t be afraid of cutting a 4×6 picture in half to make it fit in 3×4 pockets;
  • Include yourself in the picture, even if it’s a silly picture.


I hope you have enjoyed reading about my process and perhaps even incorporating some of these elements onto your pocket pages. Happy memory keeping! (Disclaimer: I realize there’s a typo on one of the cards,  I will not worry about it, I’m ok with that, keeping it real!)

~  Mel Blackburn

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