June greetings everyone!  This is a month for proms and graduations so I just wanted to share a fun Congrats card I made, don?t you love the cute owl? It?s one of many adorable icons you can find in Doodlebug?s Hat?s Off collection I love using twine for my cards, not only colourful twine is lightweight so you don?t have to worry about adding extra bulk to your cards when you send them in the mail. Love that!


A little tip, when I wrap twine around a card I like to snip a little cut into the sides of the card first.  As I wrap the twine around the card, it will  sit securely into the slot and prevents it from sliding up or down the card.




It also helps to wrap the twine taut and makes for finishing the knot bow easier too!  Have a wonderful crafty day!

~ Virginia Nebel