We're sorry we've been so quiet lately! We've had 5 events in 7 weeks and it's been all hands on deck around here. The plan is to do a recap of all the fun we've been having at our events so stay tuned. We are also gearing up for this…


It's going to be an exciting day that will bring together our team, our partners and YOU! Every single hour! Be sure to mark your calendars and planners for May 7th! If you've joined us before then you know it's going to be a day filled with inspiration and prizes that we can't wait to share.

On to our quick tip! While at Crop & Create Abbotsford our friends from Doodlebug Design taught a beautiful album class and we spotted this page that had a beautiful circle of twine that was positioned perfectly!

Photo 2016-04-17, 4 11 05 PM

That is not an easy task so we asked Cynthea, Doodlebug's owner, how she did that and she shared this…

"Cut a circle the size you wish out of the same colour cardstock as your background and glue the twine with a glue pen around the edge of that circle! Easy!" 

Brilliant Cynthea, just brilliant! And there friends is your "tip of the day!" 

~  Catherine