I love using ribbon in my paper crafting and so my collection of ribbon spools is growing. I rarely throw anything out because I love the challenge of re-using and re-purposing. Here is a fun way to create a tag charm that is both pretty and inter-active. Summer is a perfect time for the gathering of friends and family and this spool tag looks so pretty around a nice bottle of wine to give to your lovely hosts.

Here are the steps:


1. Hand write or computer journal your message on regular 8.5 x 11 computer paper. Cut the message to a strip 3/8 inch wide. This width may differ depending on the width of ribbon spool you are using. Tip: Leave a large space at around the 4 ¾ mark when you write out your message as this will accommodate a glue dot to secure the rest of the message strip when it’s rolled around the spool . Again depending on the spool you are using this measurement may change.

2. Trace the perimeter of the spool onto pattern paper. Trim out the circles, adhere them to the back and front and decorate as you wish. Roll the message strip onto the spool using small glue dots to secure it in place.

3. Take a 12 inch length of ribbon, make a loop, adhere this to the back of the spool.

4. Turn over and tie a bow at the bottom. Voila you’ve just made a cute tag.

Thank you Virginia for another fabulous 3T’s Tuesday! You are one creative girl and we LOVE your ability to reuse and repurpose. Be sure to join Virginia right here on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. You can also visit her blog at: