Have you begun to decorate for the holidays? Lisa Kisch is back with us again today to share a great project just in time for the season of decorating.

Here’s Lisa with her project:

I love projects that use up bits and bobs around the house that otherwise would end up in the garbage or the recycling bin. In this case, I’ve turned an old cardboard ribbon spool into a cute Christmas ornament that takes only 30 minutes to make.


Here’s how I made it:

1. Punch two circles of patterned paper, approximately the same size as the spool. (In my case, the spool was a little bigger than the punched circles, so I just painted around edges with red paint.

2. Affix the circles to either side of the spool, then add a message with rub-on letters.

3. Choosing a co-ordinating ribbon, approximately the same width as the spool.

4. Generously coat the inside surface of the spool with ribbon glue, then smooth the ribbon around the spool, being sure to leave excess on both sides at the top. (This will become your hanger.)

5. After the glue has dried, attach the two ends of the ribbon with stitching, or, as I did, with a jeweled brad.


The nice thing about this project is you can have multiple ornaments in different sizes, with different messages. What a great teacher gift, too!

Article by: Lisa Kisch