We fell in love with this gorgeous layout of Kim Watson’s and asked her to share this gorgeous ribbon technique with us. Thanks, Kim, for joining us again on our blog!

Here is Kim to share her technique:

When I put this page together, I was desperately in need of a glimpse of spring and a spring flower fix; so I chose photos of my boys and I romping in the wild flowers that arrive in profusion each spring. The embellishment idea was conceived in a moment of guilt at realizing that my ribbon stash was hideously large and I needed to come up with creative ways to use it up fast…(so I could justify buying more :o)

The creative process behind the page isn’t all that complicated really; here is how to go about putting it together.

Plan your general layout (mine was inspired by one I saw on Becky Fleck’s, Page Maps sketch site), making sure to leave an area big enough to accommodate your ribbon embroidery. The technique behind the ribbon embroidery is exactly the same as thread embroidery, so don’t be nervous. If you need a refresher on your basic stitches, pop over here to a previous Scrapbook & Cards Today blog post where we covered them in detail.

Using a pencil, I lightly drew my design onto my layout. Remember that ribbon is a heavier medium to embroider with, so your flower & vine design will have to be bigger & more spaced apart than if you were using embroidery thread. Using a sharp craft knife carefully cut small double slit openings at regular intervals along your design for threading purposes. For the flowers, I found that using a small hole making tool (Memory Makers), made them easier to embroider and less prone to tearing. Find a darning or wool needle with a large flat threading eye; this makes threading the ribbon SO much easier.

You are now all set to start…get loose and creative by mixing ribbon colours and designs as you go along; remembering to secure the loose ends on the reverse side with tape. Don’t get too finicky about the quality of your stitches, the ribbon is very forgiving, and it does twist & knot slightly, so leave it be…it only adds to the charm and texture of the design.


Finish the page off with a few paper flowers, buttons, and jewels and you are all done!

I sure hope you enjoy experimenting with something new.
Have a super day!