Hello friends! It’s Meghann Andrew here with you today, and I am thrilled to share what we’ve been up to in the Scrapbook 101: Better Than the Basics classroom. If you’re not familiar with this year-long course, we’re breaking the art of scrapbooking down into monthly bite-size pieces and focusing on each topic individually. Here’s how the year has been divided up: 

  • January | Design: The Basics
  • February | Photography
  • March | Colour
  • April | Paper
  • May | Titles
  • June | Story
  • July | Embellishment
  • August | Inspiration
  • September | Design: Deep Dive
  • October | Stamping
  • November | Mixed Media
  • December | Presentation

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Each month, our classmates have received a 15-20 page printable FULL of information, ideas, insight, and of course, INSPIRATION from myself and our amazing team of contributors:

One of the best parts about this course is the COMMUNITY we have built! There are so many friendly and talented creatives taking this course, and we all share what we’re creating based on our lesson content in our exclusive Facebook Group. This group is a welcoming, stress-free place to share and to encourage others to create! I’d love to share a few projects created by our amazing community so far this year: 

In January, we discussed the principles of design, and how they helped to create beautiful layouts. Here are a few that really took that lesson and created wonderful designs:

Tarrah McLean

Tarrah’s beautiful layout uses three main groupings and a strong horizontal line to create balance on her layout.

Susannah Wazlawik

Susannah shows us a perfect example of symmetrical balance on her page! 

Gina O’Connor

Gina’s wonderful layout shows a great example of contrast with her choice of patterned paper and white space.

In February, we focused on photography: ideas on how we can take better photos, and get them on our pages! Here are a few class layouts that caught our eye:

Paula Dobson

We love how Paula included different camera angles on this page to tell more of the story, AND she got bonus points for getting herself on the layout! 

Becky Powell-Reames

Becky designed her layout around this amazing photo, and blew us away with her creativity!

Marina Barea Medina

Marina created this beautiful page and recorded twelve photos using our freebie this month, a clipping mask!

In March, the class was all about getting confident with colour, and we explored the best ways to combine colours to really make our pages shine, or use a single hue to create a magnificent monochromatic page. Let’s take a look at a few of the projects found in our class group:

Geke de Goeij

Geke used her love for yellow to create a sunny layout here! 

Andrea Lake

Andrea used contrasting colours to create one beautiful botanical layout.

Patty Connor

Patty also used contrasting colours here, but went with a vibrant selection based on the colours in her photos!

We’re just getting into our April content on paper, but there are already amazing projects in our class album to dive into, and lots of ideas about how to create with paper and push yourself out of your creative box! Plus, Paige Evans is our contributor this month, and gave us all one of her cut files to fill with patterned paper!

It’s never too late to join us, and registering for the class at any point will give you access to all of the previous months’ content! Click HERE to register today, and share ideas, inspiration and a friendly community while we perfect our pages together! I can’t wait to see you in the group!

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