To get me into the springtime spirit, I decided to make a spring paper wreath. This wreath is simple and doesn’t take too much time, but it looks great and will add a soft splash of spring to your décor.


What you will need:

• One 12-inch pressboard wreath base (I got mine at Michael’s for about $3 in the floral department)
• About fifty 2×3 inch blocks of various patterned papers and cardstock
• Twine, floss, or ribbon
• Buttons and punches to embellish
• Tacky craft glue
• Dimensional foam tape (extra thick)


How to assemble your wreath (see images below):

* First, tie a loop to hang your wreath with ribbon, twine, or craft floss.
* To create the bottom layer of your paper wreath squeeze glue along ¼ of the base and begin laying paper blocks along the inner circle. Make sure the blocks are all pointing in the same direction (at a 45 degree angle), that they touch each other, and that you mix up the order of the papers and colors randomly so there aren’t clumps of too many of the same color/pattern in the same area. (You don’t want to lay them in the same order all the way around or it won’t look right.)
* Squeeze glue along the next ¼ of the wreath base and add more papers until you finish the inner circle.
* Do the same thing for the outer circle until you complete the bottom layer. (See photos below.)
* Create the top ring of the wreath by cutting your foam tape into small strips and double stacking them on the back of the paper blocks. Add papers all the way around (end to end) until you complete the top ring.
* To embellish your wreath, punch out butterflies, flowers, or whatever you’d like. To create dimension, layer your punches and add buttons or brads. You can embellish the wreath all the way around, or clump your embellishments into one area.
* Hang on a door or wall and enjoy!

Thank you, Aly for a wonderful burst of early spring!