The Colour Suite

Welcome to the August Colour Suite. This month I thought I would re-visit a topic I brought up in June and that is Colour Theory. Back in June I introduced you to analog colors. Analog colors are colors that sit side by side on the color wheel. I figured if I was going to spend the next several months talking about colour theory I would start over again. This month chose a fresh analog Colour Suite which includes neutrals grey and white and 3 analog colours; bright green, teal and periwinkle.

Sometimes when I put together a colour suite I am often surprised at how I end up using the colours. Originally I had intended to take this layout in a more neutral direction but this is what I ended up creating. I can’t seem to help myself when it comes to colour I go right for it every time. This month it was the teal I embraced. It’s one of my go to scrapbooking colours so it really comes as no surprise to used so much of it on my layout. Thanks for joining me for this second look at analog colours please join me next month we will examine triad colours. Don’t forget if you don’t have a colour wheel there are tons of free options online from printables to downloadable programs.

Happy Crafting ~ Summer

IKEA by Summer Fullerton

IKEA by Summer Fullerton

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