The Colour Suite

Welcome to the February 2012 Color Suite.  Have you seen the latest target commercials? Their new tag line “Colour Changes Everything” should be my personal motto. Here at Scrapbook & Cards Today we hope the Colour Suite is changing how you scrapbook. Each month when I put together the Colour Suite I like to start with a neutral. Often this is a neutral like brown, kraft or in this month’s case cream. In honor of Valentines Day I went the traditional route and went right for vibrant pinks in a couple of shades and just because I can’t seem to keep things simple I had to throw purple into the mix. Purple used to be a color I never scrapbooked with but lately I have switched gears. I am kind of obsessed with it. You may have noticed I have even snuck purple into a couple of our previous challenges. I am not officially coming out as a purple lover. Unfortunately my stash of patterned papers is seriously lacking in the purple department. A problem I plan on fixing in the near future.

If you find yourself in the same boat as me (lacking for paper to coordinate with any of our challenges) I would like to offer a couple of solutions. First there is always cardstock and if you are like me you have every colour in the rainbow. Second go to your embellishments, you may be surprised what you can find. I may not have purple patterned paper but I have buttons, twine and even paint. And finally don’t be afraid to omit or substitute a color. I know I say this every month but this is a guide let it direct you down your creative path. Make changes to fit your personal style.


Thinking of You Card by Summer Fullerton

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