The Colour Suite

Welcome to the February Colour Suite! When I select my colours each month I often try to stay away from the idea of holiday themed colour palettes except when it comes to Valentine’s Day. The romantic in me just can’t resist the the allure of pink. This month’s colour suite is most definitely intended to be Valentine themed. I started pulling this month’s colour sutie by selecting 2 shades of pink, a dark almost fuchsia like pink and a medium pink. I couldn’t just be simple with my colour selections I had to then add purple and yellow for a little something unexpected. This colour suite wouldn’t be complete without a neutral so I went crisp and basic and chose white.

It’s funny how the Colour Suite works it’s mysterious magic while I gravitated to the pink when I created this month’s suite I used very little of it in my actual projects. Instead I found myself reaching for white. While this was in no way my original intent I love the direction I went. I used the white as a vehicle for the colours this allowed the little bits of colour to really pop off my cards.

This month I invited my friend and fellow designer Laura Vegas to create a layout based off my colour suite. Colour is so very subjective what one person loves another person doesn’t and I thought you might enjoy seeing how other designers use colour. Laura jumped right in and embraced all the colours I chose even the purple which she confessed used to be her least favorite colour to scrapbook. I love how she layered all the colours I chose in her background. The white background and the black and white photo balance out the layers of colour perfectly.

I always write that the Colour Suite is a road map to creativity I really felt that this month when found myself following the road less traveled. I hope you have enjoyed this month’s colour suite.

Happy Scrapping ~ Summer

Card Trio by Summer Fullerton

She’s All That by Laura Vegas

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