The Colour Suite

Welcome to the January Colour Suite. I am ringing in the new year with a fun and fresh colour pallet totally inspired by the 2013 Pantone Spring colour picks. If you are not familiar with Pantone Colours it’s basically a standardized color system widely used by designers. Every year Pantone releases their colour picks for the upcoming season. These picks are my inspiration this month.

The light pale pink was my inspiration colour, Pantone calls this colour linen. I love the idea of using a really light almost neutral colour in conjunction with bright bold colours. In this case the bright bold colors are a red/orange and a wonderful rich blue. As always I rounded out this colour suite with a neutral milky brown. Looking back at my layout I noticed I used my inspiration colours sparingly and gravitated more towards brown than anything else. I love how each month I take a different path with the colours I choose. I hope you have enjoyed this month’s colour suite. For more information about Pantone Colours and to see the 2013 Pantone Colour Picks check out their website

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