The Colour Suite

Happy June SCT friends!  Welcome to the June Colour Suite. Every so often when I am putting together a Colour Suite I look back over the last few months and look for colours I haven’t picked in a while. For June my inspiration colour was pink and not just any pink but a bright stunning girly pink. I immediately paired my inspiration colour with a softer pink and a bright sunny yellow. Then to balance out the brights I added a sage green and a deep blue.

No boring Hair designed by Summer Fullerton

Did you notice anything different about this month’s Colour Suite? I deliberately chose not to include a neutral base colour. I did this to allow you, the designer, to either chose your own neutral for your layout or to leave it completely off your project all together. Neutrals like black, white or kraft don’t alter the integrity of a Colour Suite and I generally think you can mix in these basics into just about any layout as needed to balance out colour or pattern. I chose white as my neutral for my layout. I love how it’s brings a crisp fresh pop to my layout and the colours just jump right out and grab you. While I was initially drawn to the feminie girly pinks of this Colour Suite I ended up using more yellow than any other colour on my layout.

This month I invited my friend and fellow designer Leslie Ashe to take the Colour Suite challenge. I first worked with Leslie in late 2006 and most recently we both designed for Lily Bee together. A few months back Leslie decided to take a break from crafting and when I invited her to join me this month she happily agreed saying this was the perfect “push” she needed to jump back into crafting with.

My Journey by Leslie Ashe

One of the best parts about the Colour Suite is you aren’t tied down to anything. You can use any product you want, scrapbook any story that inspires you and you can use the colours any way you feel like. From a creative perspective the world is your oyster.

I love having guests each month I always enjoy that moment when I open their email and see what they created using my colours. This month I couldn’t help but notice so many similarities between what Leslie and I did. While our designs are totally different I couldn’t get over some of the basic similarities of our layouts, we chose a similar topic, white bases and we even both used blue splatters. I find that while we have several similarities our layouts are also very uniquely different.

I know I freely admit to creating this month’s Colour Suite with girly intent I would love to point out by simply focusing on the blue, yellow and green this Colour suite could easily be taken a totally different direction. This is one of the best things about the Colour Suite by simply changing up proportions you can have a fresh new look.

~ Summer Fullerton

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