The Colour Suite

This month I tried something a little new. My recent Colour Suites have all felt super bold and bright so I challenged myself to come up with something that felt light and airy. I immediately knew I wanted to include lots of neutrals this month. White and tan were natural choices. I paired them with a super trendy mint green, a pop of orange and pink that is almost mauve like.

Good Day by Summer Fullerton

Since my goal for this layout was light and airy I knew I was going to embrace the white and use the colours as secondary elements on my layout. My layout uses almost no orange in fact it almost feels like an after thought however since my goal was light and neutral my intent was to keep the colour usage to a minimum. I even went as far as to turn my photos black and white to further emphasize the light feeling I was trying to convey. Imagine taking a different approach to these colours, embrace the colour your end result will be completely unique and different.

Happy crafting ~ Summer

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