The Colour Suite

Welcome to the May Colour Suite! It seems in just a blink of the eye almost half the year has gone by. Soon the kids will be out of school we will all be basking in the glorious sun and warmth we craved all winter long. Spring is that transition period between winter and summer, depending on where you live it’s a little bit of everything. For me spring starts off cold and wet and is followed by a little sun, more rain and then just maybe things might warm up. This was the inspiration for the May Colour Suite. This month I began with a light and dark grey these, then I topped these 2 neutrals with a yellow, blue and a red/orange. This month’s Colour Suite is just like spring…dark and rainy followed by a bit of sun.

This is one of those Colour Suites that could be used to scrapbook just about anything. While at first glance the colours might seem masculine I feel as if they are really quite gender neutral. I can see using these colours on all kind of layouts from birthday, to sports, back to school to family vacations, the possibilities are endless. I took the liberty to add some white cardstock to my layout. While this isn’t formally included in the Colour Suite it doesn’t take away from the original colours. This month I used more of the colours and less of the neutrals on my layout. I used the red to flank the right and left sides of my layout and then I fanned the patterned papers out from my photo.

This month I invited a my friend and card maker Michelle Woerner to join me for this month’s Colour Suite. It’s been a couple of years since I used the Colour Suite to make cards. I am a scrapbooker first and a cardmaker second so I thought we really needed to show how the Colour Suite can be used on things other than layouts. When I invite a guest to play along I never look at their work until I am finished with my layout. I don’t want to be subconsciously influenced by how some else interrupts my colours. Imagine my surprise when I saw Michelle’s cards and immediately noticed we both felt drawn by the need to add white to our projects. I think there is something about the white that really brightens up the colours I chose this month.

I often finish the colour suite off with a little lesson or an “ahhh haaa” moment. This month I was reminded the Colour Suite is subjective. It is meant to guide your creativity. If the colours I chose aren’t working for you can always make changes without interrupting the original look and feel of a Colour Suite. By adding more neutrals like black or white or by using a darker/lighter shades of one of the colours you merely just are altering the intensity of the Colour Suite. Remember there is no right or wrong way to scrapbook.

Happy Scrapping!

~ Summer Fullerton

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