The Colour Suite

Welcome to the November Colour Suite. This is the fourth installment of our journey through colour theory. This month we are looking at tetradic or rectangular colours. A tetradic colour grouping consists of 4 colours made up by 2 complementary pairs. These colours visually form a rectangle on the colour wheel hence the rectangular reference. This colour palette works best when the colours are evenly balanced out by warm and cool tones. The warm hues I chose for us to work with this month are yellow and red while the cool hues are purple and green. As a whole the colours I chose this month are not extremes in either direction therefore making them easy to work with. I rounded out this months challenge with a base neutral of white.


When I start putting together my colours I often study my colour wheel and then pull patterned papers until the right look is achieved. After I selected this month’s colours I thought they were really bright and almost not really appropriate for a November challenge. I almost changed the entire suite but I was intrigued by the idea of working with a nontraditional seasonal colour grouping. While this palette initially feels really summer like simply by focusing more on the white, purple and green my layout feels like it could fit any part of the year. This is the nature of colour it can me manipulated and pushed in any direction. Thank you for joining me this month and happy crafting!

~ Summer

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