The Colour Suite

Welcome to the November Colour Suite. This month I decided to choose a rich and luxurious colour suite totally inspired by a cabernet red or a yummy glass of Pinot. I immediately paired my inspiration colour cabernet red with a pink and a yellow. I really felt these 2 colours could seamlessly coordinate with many of my fall photos. I decided to top this colour suite off with 2 neutrals; black and kraft.

Love Taking Pictures of You Designed by Summer Fullerton

This month I invited my long time friend Anabelle O’Malley to join me and take the Colour Suite challenge. Anabelle told me she loves colour challenges. This one made her think outside the box because she wouldn’t have thought to use these colours together. She loved how these non-traditional autumn colours really went with her photo. Funny I felt the same way.

I have said this many times the Colour Suite is a road map to creativity because it’s a great starting point, colours can be interrupted differently and 2 designers can look at the same series of colours and be inspired in completely different ways. This couldn’t be any more clear than by looking how Anabelle and I used these colours. Take my layout I was totally drawn in by the idea of pairing red/pink and yellow with the contrasting boldness of black. I loved how these colors really went with the pop of orange from my photo. Anabelle took almost a total opposite approach by focusing on the light airiness of a kraft patterned paper and lots of pink then using pops of the bold red, black and yellow. We both scrapbooked notably “fall” photos using the same set of inspiration colours yet we each took a different path.

I have to tell you I was so very excited to see how Anabelle interrupted my colours so very differently than I did. This is exactly what the Colour Suite is all about showing how colour can take you in so many different directions if you let it.

Thank you very much for joining me and happy crafting. ~ Summer

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