The Colour Suite

Welcome to the September Colour Suite. This month we are continuing our exploration of colour theory with triad colours. A triad colour grouping is well balanced and uses 3 hues that are equidistant on the colour wheel in the shape of a triangle. The triad colours I chose for us this month are a pale blue, red and yellow.  I then added 2 neutrals to round things out.

I never know which direction a particular colour suite is going to take me. This month I gravitated more towards the neutrals and added little pops of colour. Even though I used black on this layout by focusing on the taupe/tan and pale blue this layout ended up very light and refreshing. This is what is so wonderful about colour by simply changing up the amount of this or that colour the feel of a layout can completely change. Imagine if I had taken this layout in a different direction and went heavy handed with the black and red, my layout would have been much more intense. Let the colours guide you and remember to enjoy the process.

Happy Crafting ~ Summer

All you need is love and a dog by Summer Fullerton

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