The Colour Suite

Welcome to the September Colour Suite. This month I had every intention of picking fall neutrals but somehow I got sidetracked. I started off by picking a classic combination of black and a creamy white. Then I added in a kraft brown, another one of my go to neutral favorites. Once I chose my neutrals I thought a nice green with olive or sage undertones would push me in the fall frame of mind. And then I added pink. What was I thinking? I guess this was my one last attempt to hang onto summer.

Mustache Style designed by Summer Fullerton

When I started my layout I really had every intention to solely focus on the neutrals and use just pops of colour here and there but I was totally drawn in by this tone on tone green print from Bella Blvd. and I simply had to follow the inspiration. I embraced the green and added some white to balance out the top of my layout and then I went back to my design roots and used the other colours as accents pops on my layout. I ended up using the pink sparingly on my layout with just a few subtle pops here and there.

This month I invited two talented deisgners; Kristine Davidson and Stephanie Hart to play along with me. Kristine and Stephanie both managed to do what I had envisioned in my head but simply couldn’t execute on my layout and that was embrace the neutrals. While both designers embraced the neutrals they each took a different road with the pops of colour.

Kristine told me she loved the color combination and that it kind of reminded her of sherbet. The pink and green totally reminded her of a large bowl of ice cream. I can see I’m not the only one who isn’t ready for summer to end. I loved how the pink in her layout really shines without overwhelming her page.

Stephanie confessed this was her first colour challenge and she was super glad I added the black because she wouldn’t have added it on her own. She loved how it grounded her layout. While we all used the same colours the end result was uniquely different. I love how Stephanie utilized all the colours while still maintaining a neutral feeling to her layout. This goes to show you how subjective colour can be, add a little of this and take away a little of that and the feel of any project can change.

Thank you for joining me for another edition of the Colour Suite. Happy Crafting

~ Summer

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