Ok, I think we just heard many of you squeal “isn’t that darling?”! I know that because we did when we saw it. This stunningly detailed project was made by one of our good friends Christine Middlecamp and we were so excited to learn that she had prepared a tutorial on her blog for each and every step of this beautiful album and titled it “The Savvy Window” tutorial. Love that title! Christine, in her usual fashion, walks you through this project step-by-step in perfect detail. Here is what she had to say about this project…


“Windows are magical. They’re shielded spaces filled with stories and materials that feel hidden from the naked eye. You can’t help but want to peek in and find out what’s going on inside of them. I’m an avid of fan of creating windows on my projects. They assist in supporting the subject matter of my project and are ideal for housing subtle details that relate to project’s overall surrounding design. They can be either small or big and created from a multitude of things including die-cuts, chipboard, rub-ons, stamps and more. You can also make them by hand via pattern paper and pre-existing die-cut designs that aren’t necessarily frames per say. The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate various ways to work with windows using frames either already made or self-created. Frames are available in a vast variety of styles & sizes and no two are ever truly alike. Each one offers up a special place that is in need of filling…I’ll show you how to fill’em using materials and elements that one might not ordinary think to use inside a window or behind a frame. I’ll also demonstrate various techniques for building your own one-of-a-kind frames! Each window will be presented via a single mini album page which will ultimately turn into a full mini album. So, sit back and enjoy and watch the glorious world evolve of window making…”

Here are few more pictures of this project to whet your appetite! (and because we love to tease you too!)


So be sure to click here for the start of the step-by-step tutorial and to see more of Christine’s beautiful inspiration! Windows have a whole new meaning.

Article by: Christine Middlecamp