Good morning and thank you for joining us on the final day of our 31 day Partner Celebration! We hope you've enjoyed getting to know the partners we work with over these last 31 days. Perhaps you were introduced to a new company or possibly it reconnected you with a company you've not seen in a while. For us, we enjoyed a very public way to say "THANK YOU" to all the companies that support us in all that we do here at SCT headquarters. For our partners, they have enjoyed meeting you. For all those that took the time to thank our partners on their social sites, you rock! When we plan an event like this, our partners always come back to us and say how engaged our readers are…and I sweetly say "I know, they're the best!" So thank you for joining our annual appreciation event! If you're just joining us for the first time, welcome and be sure to start at day 1 to see all the amazing companies and prizes along the way HERE!

But the fun is not over yet as today we have not one, not two but THREE prizes to wrap it all up! One of the prizes comes from another new partner too! Curious who it is? Keep reading!

Prize 1 from Janome:


Long-time partner in crafting and creating, Janome Canada has been a champion of adding sewing to your layouts. From simple straight stitches or a zig zag to more complex decorative stitches and lettering, a sewing machine is the kind of tool that anyone can use in their craft pantry (and it comes in handy to mend things now and then too!) Today, from our friends at Janome we have a Project Tote and Mini Carrier from the Tamara Kate luggage line! The Thread carrier is a cute little Pill Box tote (you can remove the thread trays and fill with all sorts of fun embellishments!) and the matching Project Tote is a zip shoulder bag which can easily fit 12×12 paper in it! Just look at the cute bicycle on them. If you're anything like me, bags for organizing anything are the best! Thank you Janome for producing innovative products that continue to push the limits on creating. You're going to love the new machine Janome is introducing in their ad in our fall issue! Here's a sneak:


To see more inspiration from Janome, be sure to visit these links below:

website: or



instagram: @janomecanada


Prize 2 from Citrus Twist Kits:


Remember I mentioned a new partner? Please give a warm welcome to Citrus Twist Kits! I had the opportunity to meet Trina quite by accident in Salt Lake City this summer at our industry trade show. We had both gone in the wrong doors to the wrong hall which was empty. No people, no signage, no craft companies just vast empty space! We wandered for a bit together until we found sweetly directed us to the correct hall. About a mile away! While in the elevator we introduced ourselves and one conversation led to an email exchange days later and here we are. Welcome Trina and Citrus Twist Kits to the SCT family! For those that have not heard of this fun company, here's a little more about them:

"Citrus Twist Kits started in 2012 with a scrapbooking kit subscription to deliver happiness in a box to your doorstep. Flash forward 4 plus years and they curate kits with brand new product combined with their own exclusive brand to bring you on-trend subscriptions that ship worldwide to help you document all of life’s little moments. Citrus Twist offers subscriptions for traditional scrapbooking, pocket life, faith art and stamps.

The spark for Citrus Twist Kits began when owner Trina Craig lost her mom, who was an avid dollmaker and scrapbooker. Trina grew up crafting with her mom and watching her create beautiful things. (This artistic streak comes from a long line of female artists.) As Trina sifted through a lifetime of her mom’s projects and supplies, the idea for Citrus Twist Kits was born and she built her kit club to honor both her mom and her artistic heritage and to share her joy of papercrafting with you.

Citrus Twist Kits is passionate about designing beautiful kits that you can afford and that offer great value. Trina brings to the table her eye for graphic design after years spent designing and art directing children’s books. Their business was built on great customer service with a kind heart.

In addition to kits and stamps they also offer classes and have a store with many of your favorites . . . and some of their exclusives. Their Design Team is there to inspire you along the way too!"

Thank you for joining us Citrus Twist and SCT friends, you're going to love this…

CitrusTwist $50 gift cert art

That's right, you get to shop for anything your heart desires in the Citrus Twist shop. Be prepared to be there awhile! You can learn more about Citrus Twist Kits by visiting them here:






Blog: Citrus Twist Kits

Prize 3 is from US here at SCT!

We could not let this celebration end without also thanking our own amazing team for all they do to creatively inspire our readers all over the world. I feel very fortunate each day to work with these women who work so hard to share their very best. Quite simply, they are the best. And we appreciate them very much. So let's give it all away! First, a one year subscription to SCT magazine and second, a spot in our next online class "Single 2 Double!" which starts on September 9! Inspiration on demand and inspiration in your mailbox 🙂


For an opportunity to win today's amazing prize package, be sure to leave a comment below by September 7th! And if you could, answer this question, what is your favourite part of SCT? We're always wanting to hear from you! 

Thank you for celebrating right along with us the entire month of August! We've enjoyed sharing, appreciating and acknowledging all those that make SCT what it is. You all make me love what I do! xoxo

Please join us tomorrow for Lindsay Bateman's amazing Planner share! Her month of August is gorgeous!

~ Catherine Tachdjian, publisher, SCT magazine

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