By now, we hope that everyone has had an opportunity to read our spring issue. If you haven’t, you can download it right here. If you have, then you are sure to remember the beautiful layout by Summer Fullerton of Tigard, Oregon that is featured on page 32. Summer was inspired to create a beautiful woven ribbon technique to help her integrate the “circle” theme of this article. We fell in love with this layout and asked Summer to share her technique with us.

Here is Summer’s layout:

No. 1 Reason by Summer Fullerton

And here is Summer’s technique:

1. Cut one circle any desired size then cut a circle ring to fit over your original circle.

2. Glue together and attach to your layout. I love the look of elements that hang off the edge of your paper. To do this, glue the accent and then trim any excess with your paper trimmer.

3. Using an anywhere hole punch or a Big Bite Crop-a-dile, punch holes around the inner ring of your circle accent. To make my spacing equal, I pre-marked where I wanted my holes before punching.

4. Then weave ribbon through the holes. To finish the edges simply tuck them under with your favourite adhesive.

Thanks for sharing Summer!

Article by: Summer Fullerton