Recently we asked our talented design team members to send us some of their favourite tips and tricks to share with you. Over the next couple of months we will be sharing their ideas with you! Today Lisa Kisch talks about how to “get your ideas down” so that they are top mind when you need them…

“My biggest tip is to write down layout ideas as soon as you think of them. Whether it’s a story or design idea, get it down right away so it will be at your fingertips when you sit down to scrap. My favourite layouts are always those where I had the idea first, then found product in my stash to complement it. I have several ways of getting my ideas down:


A trio of cards by Kerry McRorie

1. I keep an e-mail in my draft folder called “Scrap Ideas”. Since I am constantly on the computer, it’s easy to bring up the e-mail draft and add to it– even if it’s just a title or a few words of journaling. Since I have yahoo mail, I can access my ideas anywhere: at a crop, or scrapping at a friend’s house.

2. I always have great ideas in those few minutes before going to sleep. I keep a small notebook on my bedside table to jot down ideas, because I know I will forget them by morning.

3. I am often inspired by images on the internet– from interior design blogs, on-line catalogues and e-zines, and scrapbook galleries. I keep a file on my desktop, simple called “ideas”. I save images there, and when I am stuck on a design detail I will often put that file on slideshow– something always sparks my imagination!

4. My blog is where I record my everyday stories. Often I will take photos and journaling directly from a post to make a layout. This saves an enormous amount of time when I go to scrap. When I don’t get around to scrapping a certain story, I still feel good that I wrote the story down with accompanying photos. (Remember, you can have a blog without making it public, so don’t worry about writing for an audience!)

No matter how you do it– just get those ideas down!”