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What is it about fall that is so invigorating and sentimental all at once? A pile of fallen leaves always takes me back to my elementary school days. While the other kids were playing on the swings and see-saws at recess, I was the odd child who took a rake to school to gather a pile of leaves to jump in. But you get it, right? There’s just something about the crackle of those crispy leaves underfoot on a cool autumn day.

This issue is sure to get you in the mood for a good romp in the leaves! Let’s take a look at some of the things you’ll find in the fall 2018 edition of Scrapbook & Cards Today:

In Dynamic 3D Designs (pg. 21), we’ll show you how to level up your designs with inventive dimension and layers on your projects. The cards and layouts featured in the column are fantastic!

I’m really excited about the Telling the Stories That Need to Be Told (pg. 43) article! We challenged our design team to dig deep into their history and share a unique story about their family. You’ll get to take a peek into an adventure to Africa and an elopement that wasn’t revealed for several months. Oooooh, scintillating!

We’re sharing cool ways to make the most of stencils in Product Play (pg. 34) and clever ways to use manual die cuts in Creative Cards (pg. 51). You’ll come away with lots of ideas that will make you want to RUN to your craft area right away! OK, so maybe you should finish reading the magazine first, right?

And as always, our Inspiration Gallery (pg. 63) is filled with fantastic reader-submitted projects that you will adore.

Stoke up the fire, snuggle up under an afghan, and get ready to enjoy the cozy fall 2018 issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today!



SCT Summer 2018 - Yay 50 card by Susan R. Opel

Yay 50 card by Susan R. Opel