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Grab a party hat and a red Solo cup, because it’s time to celebrate! Welcome to the 50th issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today! 50 seems like an awfully big number and what a milestone it is for your favourite crafting magazine! Guess who’s turning 50 in less than a year? Yep, yours truly, and I’m kind of excited about it!

Our 50th issue is chock-full of inspiration that you will adore! Let’s take a look at some of the things you’ll find in the summer 2018 edition of Scrapbook & Cards Today:

Hand stitching on layouts and cards is making a major comeback. Sensational Stitching (pg. 21) will have you drooling with beautiful, fun, and chic looks using this timeless medium. Hooray for handmade!

We’re focusing on marking milestones big and small in both Celebrating Milestones (pg. 43) and Design Your Story (pg. 57). You’ll come away with lots of ideas for preserving those important life moments. From birth to graduation and engagement to anniversaries, we’ve got you covered!

Want to dabble with watercolours? Five fabulous card makers will give you nine amazing ideas for watercolouring in Creative Cards (pg. 51). The results are so pretty!

In Make it Mini (pg. 60), Nathalie DeSousa shares a beautiful traveller’s notebook that will inspire you to preserve your summer memories. Just wait until you see the pretty cover!

And I seriously can’t wait for you to see what’s on pg. 79! Cutest thing EVER!

Pour yourself a glass of lemonade and get ready to enjoy the summer 2018 issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today! Yay, 50!



SCT Summer 2018 - Yay 50 card by Susan R. Opel

Yay 50 card by Susan R. Opel