Do you remember when you turned 13? One fine April many moons ago I turned 13. Oh my, what an awkward age! I was obsessed with Shaun Cassidy, cheerleading, and diagramming sentences (I’m not even kidding), and my dad was my teacher. I was all freckles and a gap-toothed smile—the epitome of awkward in all its brand-new teen glory. This edition marks the 13th birthday of Scrapbook & Cards Today, and there’s absolutely nothing awkward about that!

Get ready to celebrate with us in an issue full of happy spring inspiration! Let’s take a look at some of the things you’ll find in the spring 2019 issue:

To begin with, we are happy to have three new faces joining our creative team! Say hello to Wendy Sue Anderson, Nathalie DeSousa, and Jill Dewey Hawkins. These three ladies join Meghann, Lisa, Paige, Jennifer, Virginia, Nicole, Sheri, and Latisha to bring you abundant inspiration throughout 2019.

Two new columns to look for are Design 101—Why It Works (pg. 37) and Inspiration Challenge (pg. 48). Design 101 will walk you through the design process of two designers, and you’ll find lots of great tips for fantastic designs. And Inspiration Challenge is just what it sounds like. We’re sharing a beautiful Mother’s Day card created by Latisha Yoast, and we’re challenging YOU to create something inspired by her design.

Perhaps you’ve done a bit of taming of your craft stash Marie Kondo-style. In that case, Product Play (pg. 34) is sure to spark joy for you as we showcase several practical ways to store your craft supplies. Once you’ve got everything in order, those creative juices are sure to flow.

Our Celebrating New Things (pg. 43) article will inspire you to document and capture all kinds of new things in your life. From big things like new family members and new homes to smaller things like new clothes and new glasses, you’ll find lots of ideas you’ll want to try.

Put on your party hat and join our birthday celebration! It’s time to enjoy the colourful spring 2019 issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today!


SCT Spring 2019 - Hello by Susan R Opel

Hello card by Susan R Opel