Greetings from Here to There by Allison Cope

Here’s an example of a card that Allison created using the “hill” technique that she explains below. The sky is just lightly sprayed here and there with blue Copic marker to achieve a soft cloudy effect.

One of my greatest tool investments as a scrapbooker and cardmarker was my Copic’s airbrush system. I use it a lot! Today I’d like to show you an EASY tutorial on how to make an simple landscape setting for your next card creation.

1. Place your curved piece of scrap paper onto your paper surface. I lightly sprayed along the edge of the shape using a light Copic green marker.

2. Reposition the curve to create another hill. Spray again along the curve.

3. Reposition the curve again. This time to create the illusion of depth, I used a richer, slightly darker shade of green Copic marker.

4. Reposition the curve and layer your marker to achieve your desired landscape. I filled in the colour in between my hills to create a unified design.

5. To create some soft clouds in the sky, place your scalloped circle on your page….. start working from the ground up. Spray lightly over the top of the scalloped edge.

6. Reposition the scalloped circle all over the desired area. Spray colour according to your desired effect. Work your way up towards the top of your sky.

Here is my sample of the landscape and sky effect used on my 2 cards.

This same technique can be created using ink and a soft sponge if you do not have an air brush. Just be very careful with your application of colour. Sponges can leave lines or marks due to the the surface you have your ink on. Practice first and have fun creating your next landscape!

Article by Allison Cope