I would like to thank Catherine and the other amazing women involved with the Crop & Create events.  October 2013 Thunder Bay,  is my fifth Crop & Create and will not be my last.  I really enjoy the way the teachers can fire us up and get the creative juices flowing again.  The classes teach you new techniques and different ways of sprucing up your own style.  We have so many laughs with our friends both new and old. Way to go once again!

~ Sue (Thunder Bay)


Thanks so much for crop & create! I don’t get to do as much scrapbooking as I would like with 2 small kids. It’s so nice to have an event in the city that I can “getaway” to, but still be close to home. I only wish that it was more than once a year!! Or that there was another crop & create nearby that I could come to! I can’t wait for next year! I also won 3 prizes all tools I’ve never used before so I’m so excited to try them!

~ Tracy  (Saskatoon)


It was such a fantastic weekend – like Disneyworld for scrappers! I loved the event last year in Ottawa but Cornwall was even better. The 3 classes I took were superb. I learned so much and came home full of inspiration and creativity. The instructors and Catherine were friendly, helpful and really fun.  Loved having 3 vendors to shop for supplies I needed and a few I just wanted ; ). The venue in Cornwall is truly marvelous and their food was great , especially the food they served just for us. The hot apple crisp and ice cream on Friday night – I can still taste it!

~ Jeannine (Cornwall)


Had a wonderful time at Crop & Create in Saskatoon. Thank you so much for all your work before, during and after this amazing event. Classes were great, and with new product to be working with. I have enough new techniques to keep me busy until you come back next November:) I could not believe ALL the product in our welcome bag, all the giveaways, and draws from super scrapbooking companies. Thank you, Thank you!

Maureen (Saskatoon)



Absolutely delightful event!! You ladies outdid yourselves! Thanks for all of your hard work and your attention to detail…the classes and make’n’takes were excellent!! Looking forward to next year! Out recruiting new attendees already! 🙂

Carolyn (Saskatoon)


Thank you so much!! It was so much more than I expected!! I cannot wait for next year!! Amazing!!

Amy (Saskatoon)


Catherine Tachdjian, you have the most amazing people on your team. I am so happy Crop & Create came back to Saskatoon and proved to be the better than ever. You guys out did yourselves!! Thank you for coming to Saskatchewan, I look forward to future events!

Tanya (Saskatoon)


Thank you for such amazing 2 days with wonderful teachers amazing sponsors fantastic Catherine & Jen and we appoligize for the weather but as you could see that wouldn’t keep us away lol. You must come back we had such a fantastic time!

Rhonda (Saskatoon)


Thank you sweet ladies for all of your hard work and dedication for making this an amazing weekend! Loved the make-and-takes and awesome teachers!! See you at C & C Burnaby!! =)

Tracy (Saskatoon)


To the SCT Crew!

THANK YOU for the most wonderful (although exhausting) weekend of scrapbooking and cardmaking that I’ve ever participated in. I loved the intimacy of the smaller group of attendees where you got a chance to meet so many people, see such wonderful projects and learn so much. The stores on site were fantastic and the  make & takes I got to do were fun.  I had a blast even with taking so many (6) classes from some amazing instructors.

As a first-timer  to this kind of event,  I have to thank Catherine & the entire Crop & Create team (Jen, Leica, Vicki, Becky, Kimber, Kelly and Jennifer!) for making me feel so welcome and part of the SCT family.   I’ve never attended an event where everyone greeted you by name, made each class fun, inspirational, and informative and you never felt like an outsider.  I can’t wait until next year to do this again.

I learned so much, made new friends, saw fanatastic scrapbook pages and cards created by everyone from the instructors to the attendees and had fun. And have to say that the sponsors for this event are so awesome. The products used were great and the giveaways were fantastic. THANK YOU SPONSORS!

Thanks again for a wonderful event and can’t wait to do it again next year in BC.

Dorina (Burnaby)


Just wanted to gush a bit about last weekend in Moncton.  It was fabulous!  The classes, the projects, the freebies, the prizes, and most of all, the wonderful women of Scrapbook & Cards Today.  All of you were so down to earth and approachable, it was like you were already a part of my scrapping circle.  I can’t wait until next year!

Amanda (Moncton)


Words cannot describe how my life has changed since Crop and Create Moncton 2012. Not only are all you ladies so amazingly talented but sincere, genuine and gracious! I had the best time at a crop EVER and a few of my friends who have been on the crop and cruise said this event was by far the best!! It felt so warm and inviting and almost like a big family gathering! I just wanted to let you all know that I went on your website and wrote an email to every company that I could expressing my thanks for their wonderful products and appreciation that I had learned so much from such a talented bunch of ladies!! i am glad now that I can put faces to ALL your names- not just my scrapbook heros Kathy,Kimber,Vicki and Kelly, but you (Jen), Catherine,Tara,Leicia…… I am still speechless from my experience. I am thrilled that you will be coming back next year- an event I will be anticipating all year long!! I also want to say what a beautiful, outstanding lady Catherine is!  It truly was an honour to meet her and no wonder she has fabulous women on her team- such a great lady!!! Thanks again and see you all next year!!!!

Michelle (Moncton)


I can’t get over the wonderful job everyone did at Crop & Create Moncton. Please, please, please come back next year. I already know 4 more people who are asking about it because I had so much fun. I am feeling more energized and inspired than I have in a long time. And you know by now that nobody welcomes you like Maritimers. We love new friends and make them family.

Karen (Moncton)


I can’t begin to tell you what a great time I had this past weekend at Crop and Create in Markham, I came away with a new sense of excitement and renewal of craftiness. I came home during the early hours of Sunday morning with bags under my eyes and a huge grin on my face, I was exhausted and yet felt rejuvenated. I learned a lot and I coasted a fair amount so the balance was there for a fabulous two days of classes. Thank you!

~ Gail H. (Markham)


I was one of the lucky individuals whom was so fortunate to attend your Crop and Create in Markham this past weekend.

I can not commend you ladies enough!

I had a Fantabulous time!!!

I attended 6 classes through Friday and Saturday and luved them all!  The only disappointment I experienced was I couldn’t fit in all of the classes offered!

The hotel was very nice and welcoming, easy to maneuver and very accommodating.

The classes were very fun, informative, and there was enough room for me to make my mess as I am want to do during the creative process! ;-). And OH the supplies!!!  Wow!

The Crop Room was very nicely laid out and organized.

You Ladies ROCK!!  You were always on hand or around to ask questions, and just seeing you interacting with one another and each of us was an experience in itself!  You all have a wonderful sense of humour!

Thank you so very much for making this weekend such an absolutely awesome time!

On a scale of 1-10, It’s a 20 on my list!

Thank You!!!!!

Please keep doing what you do. I appreciate it so very much!

~ Deb G. (Markham Attendee)


Good evening Catherine,

I know I told you last night but I have to tell you again. The Crop was AMAZING! You should be proud as all your hard work paid off big time.

We had such a good time & lots of laughs. For me I did not get much scrapbooking done but that is okay as I go for the food & social time.

The food was amazing as well. Heck, everything was great!

The classes were awesome as well. Thank you for bringing in these well know designers. Not only were they good but they were so much fun!

I pray that they return next year & give us more inspiration & fun!

~ Carmen M. (Markham Attendees)


I had a wonderful time! Beautiful decor, loved the extra special touches.  Yummy candy bar!  It is obvious that a lot of thought, organizing and planning went into the event. I am a convert! I purchased your magazine subscription and can’t wait to learn more! It really was a great weekend that I had been looking forward to for over two months! Thanks.

~ Deneen D. (Saskatoon Attendee)


Standing in the hallway listening to the excited chatter of the women that had been waiting for the registration to begin, the flustered yet happy greetings as fellow scrappers greeted old friends and welcomed new to the wonderful world of a Saskatchewan Crop. Laughter rings out often and regularly and giggles are ever present when cropping with these amazing women.  Hearing this alone assures me that it is going to be fabulous and fun-filled weekend.

The hotel staff handled the surge of bodies and numerous (ok in some cases excessive) numbers of bags and bodies, filling their hallway and never complained.  They were quick to clear out unwanted items and dishes, aid in the technical needs of the stores and Crop. Tastefully presented the lunch and snack items and were truly in no hurry to whisk them away as in many other crops.

The Planners and Organizers of the event did a great job. Registration was quick and smooth and the beautiful pink bag filled with treats were a nice touch. The cropping space allowed per person was AWESOME! none of this squishing 8 people to a round table and expecting them to be able to move and scrap. You would almost think that they themselves had been to a few of those “extra cozy” crops. I am not to sure that white linens were the wisest of choices (all though the crisp clean look of the room was inviting). It was the attention to all the little details that really made this event pull together. From the multiple pom pom flowers that carpeted the event to the candy bar that was also color co-ordinated and very generously stocked. A fabulous fun photo booth to capture shots of you and your friends with your favourite instructor, no photo shoot was considered to crazy or proper and smiles and laughter were heard through out the hotel.

There were no shortages on the make and takes……..if you went you were given the chance to make it and I never heard a single person complain about the station running out before they got through. My personal highlight with the make and takes…. was the opportunity to meet the instructors up close and see them interacting with the attendees and letting their hair down. I also liked that the instructors were accessible and visible through the whole event. They took the time to listen…….Kimber allowed me to go back in time and recall my amazing visit to her city of Indianapolis and share with me some things to see on my next visit. Catherine blew me away…….once she found out who I was…….she spoke to me like she had known me for ages…..her warmth and generosity were comforting and assuring. Leica……….well she is Leica – talented, warm, alive and always the life of the party. I have never been disappointed by anything that Leica had a hand in organizing or designing. Her attention to party details is what every scrapper should experience.

Thank you to each and every member of the Crop and Create team, both those in the public eye and those that work behind the scenes and are the unsung heroes of this event. It is my hope that I will join in Winnipeg and Edmonton in 2012 as I am sure that each will be wonderfully unique and amazing.

~ Dawn H. (Saskatoon Attendee)


Thank you, SCT Team!

You were wonderful hosts last weekend, and I had a fabulous time! Met some new “scrappy” friends and learned so much from your super friendly and inspiring instructors! I loved all the classes I took and wish I could have taken them all! The whole atmosphere of the weekend was fun! It’s impossible to be serious with so much laughing going on! 🙂

The hotel was very nice. (I’m sure they weren’t really going to give my car away! LOL!) I’d never been downtown in Saskatoon before. What a gorgeous setting! Too bad that I was so busy having fun inside that I didn’t have time to explore! 

I highly recommend attending a SCT Crop & Create to everyone! The goodie bags were outstanding and the prizes were fabulous! Loved the Make and Takes, too!

I hope that we can get to another of your events in 2012. Edmonton, perhaps? Here we come!!

Thanks again!

~ Lorraine M. (Saskatoon Attendee)


I am wanting to send a huge thank you to all the organizers and teachers that attended our Saskatoon event.

All I can say is wow!! This event was amazing. I got so much stuff done.

What’s even better was that I learned so many techniques that I could take home and implement in my own scrapbooking. The teachers were so down to earth and approachable. I literally felt like I was scrapbooking with friends.

I also attended the event with a new baby and the organizers were very accomodating and helpful.

Kudos to everyone. I will definetly attend again and recommend the event to all my “scrappy” friends.

Thanks again.

~ Stephanie B. (Saskatoon Attendee)


I just wanted to say great job on this event.  A group of us came from Winnipeg and it was most definitely worth it!  The classes were full of inspiration and the make and takes were awesome.  Great food, new friends and so much fun – and I can’t forget to mention all the free goodies! Thanks for all your hard work in organizing this weekend, it was much appreciated.  Take care and hope to see you again when you come to Winnipeg in March! 

~ Christine R. (Saskatoon Attendee)


I just wanted to send a quick testimonial to say how much I LOVED the event!!

Thank you very much for putting on the fabulous Crop & Create event in Saskatoon!  The event was so much fun and the classes were so inspiring that all I want to do is scrapbook every spare moment!  I really enjoyed the scrapbook challenges held and found that they were a great way to dive head first into scrapbooking at the event – I find starting a project can sometimes be overwhelming, but the scrapbook challenges helped to give me direction and a place to start.  Also, I was able to take 3 classes at the event that were all amazing and taught by fabulous instructors!  I learned so many new and neat techniques, tips, and tricks and really can’t wait to incorporate them into my scrapbooking pages.  Also, I found that the instructors were all very approachable and often would sit down at tables with the scrapbookers just to chat and talk about the latest techniques! Overall, it was a fabulous event and I can’t wait for the next one!

Thank you!!!

~ Amy H. (Saskatoon Attendee)