We asked Summer Ford, who designed the fantastic double page layout that was featured on page 66 of our summer 2008 issue, to share some of her tips that she uses when designing balanced double page layouts.

Summer says:

  • Build your layout on a neutral, uncluttered canvas…basic white or black is my favourite!
  • Select multiple photos that can easily be cropped. This is a great way to use some of those not so great photos that could never stand alone as a focal photo.
  • For easier cropping, my go to tool is a large square punch.
  • Line up cropped photos in horizontal lines across the double page spread. This creates a linear and well-balanced look.
  • Use patterned paper sparingly; allowing the photos to pop. I like to use strips or cut out accents.
  • Add a few select embellishments. Alter them, layer them… just have fun!
  • Utilize large alphabets to create a title that spans the layout; creating unity across the two pages.
Schlitterbahn by Summer Ford

Schlitterbahn by Summer Ford

Summer Ford

A little bit about Summer:

I am a stay-at-home mom to three fantastic kids and have been married to my college sweetheart, Ryan, for ten years next month. We are happily raising our family in the beautiful Texas hill country. The kids keep me busy running everywhere but I manage to squeeze in some “quality” time in my scrapbook room whenever possible. My style can vary from clean and linear to funky and all over the place, depending on my mood at the moment! There is one consistency though; I adore bright, vibrant colours!