Lisa Kisch is here to share a card that she made using a cool folding technique. This technique enables part of the card to literally “pop” right off the page.

Here is Lisa to share her card:

To make this fun card, first pick the paper that you would like to use and then consider what punch or circle cutter you will use for your shape, since this will determine the size of your folds. For my largest circle, I made two folds 1” apart that were folded toward each other.


Then I folded each side back, 1/8” from the original fold. This creates two accordion folds facing each other. Use a bone folder or ruler to make your folds really crisp, so that you can slide the folded paper into the punch. Play with where the fold is in the punch. I centered one of my folds on the punch, but the other two were off center.

Add a few extra embellishments and a sentiment and you’re done! Just a little pop—no foam squares required.

Pop-up Thank You Card by Lisa Kisch