Every time we sit down to create, we all use different items to create our masterpieces with. The one thing we all have in common when we do create, is that we use something to adhere down all the beautiful and wonderful items we use… adhesive! So today, we have a few tips and tricks the next time you’re looking for something to put your masterpieces together. Enjoy!

  • Foam Adhesive: When using the 3D foam adhesive dots, don’t waste anything!! The little diamonds and space fillers that are left after punching out the circles are sticky too and can be torn off easily or cut out. Use them on square items or under things that won’t show! You’ll get twice the product for the money!
  • Using Double Sided Tape: When using double-sided tape, for example, to mount a photo, place the tape on all four sides and then peel an inch back from each side, bend the paper strip to the side and place your photo where you want it. This will make it easier to place accurately. Once the corners are even, press down and peel all four strips off.
  • Parchment Paper & Adhesive Trick: Ever just want to add 1/8 inch of adhesive to the edge of the paper but your scrap stash only has 1/4 adhesive roll? So you get out the scrap piece of paper to catch the other half. Then your layout gets a gummy edge?! Use Wilton parchment paper as that scrap piece and it will apply smooth, even and not stick to the parchment. It will stay on the roll and not make a sticky mess of your backing paper or gum up the edge of your paper. Just cut out a square and keep it close to your work area.
  • Rusty Glue: I bought some liquid glass and I put a pin in the top so that it would be easier to use each time. After not using it for a few days when I opened it the glue was a rusty color from the pin. I don’t know if anyone else has had this happen. To stop it from happening again, I now use gold plated stick pins and the glue does not rust anymore.
  • Best Adhesive for Vellum and Transparencies: Get yourself a can of Krylon Easy Tack Spray at your local craft store. Follow the directions on the can. This stuff is 100% clear when it dries, and works the BEST on transparencies and vellum.

I hope these tips and tricks will help you out with all your sticky adhesive situations!