Feast your eyes on these gorgeous holiday projects. From gifts to favours, and from home decor to festive ornaments, these projects feature a fresh, seasonal colour palette and lots of glittery sparkle.

holiday cookie cutter ornaments by Tracy Tigert

holiday cookie cutter ornaments 

by Tracy Tigert, Markham, ON


  1. Apply a thin layer of clear glue to the rim of a metal ornament; lay on top of patterned paper; let dry; cut out with an Exacto knife.
  2. Repeat with other ornaments and photos if desired.
  3. Punch a small hole near the top of the paper/photo; thread ribbon through hole; attach beads if desired and knot.
  4. Hang on tree or attach to presents as a festive gift-topper.
bright tin by Christine Hill

bright tin

by Christine Hill, Stouffville, ON


  1. Measure tin on both the inside and the outside (inside will be slightly smaller).
  2. Cut paper to size (approx. .25 of an inch smaller on all sides).
  3. Round corners; adhere paper to tin using double sided tape.
  4. Attach embellishments; fill tin with goodies of choice.
Sparkle tin by Christine Hill

Sparkle tin

by Christine Hill, Stouffville, ON

instructions for the lid:

  1. Measure the outside of the tin.
  2. Cut paper to size (approximately .25 of an inch smaller on all sides).
  3. Round corners; adhere paper to tin using double sided tape.
  4. Attach embellishments.

instructions for the inside:

  1. Measure the width, length and height of the inside base of the tin.
  2. Divide the width by 4 and the length by 3; this forms the size of
    the base of your squares.
  3. Add slightly less than 2 times the height of the tin to both the width and the length of each square and cut 12 squares in a variety of patterned papers.
  4. Score each box using the measurements calculated above.
  5. Cut one of the scored lines (either width or length) in the small
    squares that have formed on each corner.
  6. Fold up box and adhere flaps to the side of the box.
3-D tag by Virginia Nebel

3-D tag

by Virginia Nebel, Mississauga, ON


  1. Fold a piece of 4 x 12 cardstock in half; open and lay flat.
  2. Score lines from the fold line to centre point at both top
    and bottom.
  3. Fold flaps inward; flip up bottom half and adhere flaps
    to each other to form the triangle box.
  4. Glue tag face embellishments on front.
  5. Punch hole at top for ribbon.
six-pointed paper stars by Lori Tyndall

six-pointed paper stars 

by Lori Tyndall, Markham, ON


Please follow the following link for the complete instructions on making these great paper stars:  paperpleasing.typepad.com/my_weblog/2007/10/starornament.html

birdhouse by Charity Hassel


by Charity Hassel, Jacksonville, FL


  1. Paint front, back, and sides of birdhouse (including snowflakes) a bright raspberry and let dry.
  2. Tape off pink areas of birdhouse. Paint roof and base green and let dry.
  3. Trace shingles using tracing paper; cut out. Use as templates to cut patterned papers; adhere patterned paper to shingles on birdhouse.
  4. Trace snowflakes onto patterned paper; cut out; adhere snowflakes on birdhouse; adhere rhinestones to snowflakes.


  • Apply several thin coats of decoupage over completed birdhouse.
  • Lay out patterned paper in desired order before cutting.
Holiday Storyboard by Virginia Nebel,

Holiday Storyboard

by Virginia Nebel, Mississauga, ON


  1. Cut twelve 4 x 4 squares; use 3 different colours.
  2. Adhere squares onto a 12 x 12 piece of cardboard in a pleasing checkerboard pattern.
  3. Group your themed embellishments on each square. Use foam dots to layer the embellishments.
  4. Use Velcro and attach the storyboard to the canvas (this makes it easier to change out future storyboards).
  5. Attach a wide sash ribbon at the top.
  6. After you have displayed your storyboard, you can easily detach it from the canvas and keep it in your scrapbook!