Love the kid’s birthday party set on page 44 of the summer 2009 issue? Well, we did too! And, we were so sure that you were going to want to recreate some of these adorable projects, that we asked designer Kim Hughes to share the instructions with you.


you’re invited (card)

  1. Cut a card base from double-sided paper.
  2. Stamp sentiment onto red paper with black ink; cut down and add to the bottom of the card.
  3. Mat candle sticker onto white card stock and again on striped paper.
  4. Wrap ribbon around the card and tie a knot.


party hat

  1. Note: I bought a pack of party hats at the store and carefully took one of the hats apart and used it as a template.
  2. Trace the pattern onto the backside of the striped paper.
  3. Before adhering it together, cut thin strips of patterned paper, coil them around a smooth pencil, and adhere them to the inside of the hat. Note: I chose a paper that is double-sided).
  4. Adhere the hat on the back and add a sticker accent.

Note: you can add some stretchy string to the hat if you like; just staple it in place.



  1. Die-cut the pennant shape from white cardstock.
  2. Create a triangle pattern with scrap paper so that you can trace it onto the colours that you would like to go inside of the scalloped edge pennants.
  3. Cut 5 different coloured triangles to add on top of the die-cut pennants.
  4. Cut a thin strip of striped paper and add to the top of each pennant.
  5. Punch a hole in the top of each pennant; connect each one with string and tie a bow.
  6. Add accent stickers, including the words for “party.”