by Adri Spyker


A trio of cards by Kerry McRorie

mini album:

supplies: mini album, unknown · cardstock, Bazzill, Worldwin · embellishments, Oray, Karen Foster, Westrim, McGill, EK Success · adhesive, Tsukineko

  1. Remove front and back covers of mini album (to use as templates).
  2. Using template, cut out front cover from teal paper; cut out black cardstock portion and overlay, adhering in place; add ribbon where the teal and black meet; glue and trim excess; add stickers as shown.
  3. Using small corner rounder, trim bottom two corners; insert into cover slot; repeat for back cover using black cardstock and add desired pirate stickers.
  4. Open mini-album to the front and punch 1/8” hole in spine; insert charms on 16mm split ring; insert ring into hole; tie 1/8” red and 9 mm black ribbon onto ring and trim edges.

pirate ship

supplies: tissue box, Kleenex · cardstock, Canson, Bazzill, Worldwin ·patterned paper, Karen Foster · dowel, R.J. Moore Hardwoods · ink, ColorBox · embellishments, unknown, Making Memories, Mark Enterprises, We R Memory Keepers, McGill, Creative Memories


  1. Use an empty tissue box as your base. Cut small piece of styrofoam/oasis and attach to bottom of inside of tissue box and secure with strong adhesive of choice.
  2. Cut brown paper 5.5” high x 27” wide, fold in half and score 1/2” horizontal indentations for planks of the ship. Using circle cutter, trim off top two planks (this will form the top shape of the boat). Open the paper; cut along the fold leaving 3 “planks” uncut; refold closed.
  3. Using pieces away from seam, fold each piece at an identical angle (less than 90 degrees) outward, straightening to trim off excess leaving 1/2” “tabs”; refold towards each other glue together; let dry; attach to the tissue box with a light coating of glue; hold in place briefly.\
  4. Repeat for stern/back using a 90 degree angle fold; add anchors.
    Note: the brown paper may not be big enough, so you will most
    likely need to patch in places. Cover patches with rub-ons, a ladder, or extra planks – be creative!


  1. Use the remaining brown paper to cut out (adding tabs as you go) two pieces that will form the deck. One piece will be 4 1/2”-5” x 11” with a gradual narrowing towards one end. The second piece will be larger and 4/12” – 5” x 15”; repeat as before; score evenly to create planks. Mark and poke hole for mast later. Deck pieces will not quite meet; use matching
    paper to fill in the gap.
    Note: You may want to make a pattern of deck first for best fit.

main-mast red flag

  1. Cut red cardstock 12” long x 2 3/4” tall (using one 90 degree triangle edge).
  2. Glue widest part to top of the dowel, wrapping all the way around.
  3. Curl the flag in and out with a bone folder to the desired curves.


  1. Cut out sails; trim with oval cutter for sail shape; round off points.
  2. Punch holes (1/4” punch)
  3. Add rub ons, then insert sails onto dowel top from bottom up.
  4. Insert mast into deck hole, and down into foam at box bottom.


  1. Punch out coins and rub thoroughly with Yellow Ochre chalk/ink.
  2. Roll edges in glue, then gold glitter; adhere over “deck” seam.


treasure chest

supplies: treasure chest, Karen Foster ·adhesive, Tsukineko · chocolate coins, Bulk Barn

  1. Assemble Treasure Chest per instructions; glue tabs as suggested.
  2. Once container is dry, fill with chocolate coins, leaving the lid open.

red box

supplies: red box, Wilton ·embellishments, Michael’s, Karen Foster

  1. Assemble red 1/2 lb candy box as per instructions.
  2. Cut 3/8” ribbon to 9” long.
  3. Wrap around box until it meets at the front; adhere to box with pirate sticker (covering both ends of ribbon).


supplies: cardstock, Bazzill, Worldwin · ink, Bazzill · embellishments,
Karen Foster, Basic Grey, Making Memories, McGill, EK Success, We R Memory Keepers

  1. Cut the red cardstock to 12×6 and score at 2” in from the left side and 4” in from the right side; fold both inward so that the two edges meet.
  2. Rub on the pirate lettering and eye-patch.
  3. Punch out a tag measuring 1 1/2” x 2 3/4” using two-sided black cardstock. To form key hole, punch 1/2” hole out of upper centre and using Xacto knife, cut out remaining key shape; rub with gray ink directly and randomly, removing excess with tissue.
  4. Punch hole in top of tag and in desired location on invite; attach with silver eyelet; add magnetic snap underneath as desired.

favour bags

supplies: black favour bag, DMD· twill patch & tape, Karen Foster

black gift bag

supplies: medium black bag, DMD · sticker, Karen Foster Design