Ready to start flocking? Here are the instructions to make all of the fantastic projects found in our winter 2008 issue on pages 27-30—and a bonus project as well!

10 things I love about winter  by Kim Hughes

Here is the cover of my album:

And here are some of the inside pages:



  1. Paint entire album with 2 coats of green acrylic paint.
  2. Cut the pink lace snowflake paper and vellum snowflake paper down to size.
  3. Cut a tree from white flock paper; wrap twine around it and tie a bow at the top.
  4. Add rhinestones.
  5. Add white flock to the sticky side of mini Pop Dots and add to the tree.
  6. Adhere tree and papers to the cover.
  7. Print title of album onto white card stock and cut into strips and adhere on top of the pink lace card stock.
  8. Tie twine through the holes in the album.
  9. Cover each page in the mini album with white cardstock.
  10. Add die-cut accents and ribbon loops.
  11. Add glue to paper; press pink flock onto it; allow it to dry and then punch accents from that paper.
  12. Colour a white flock paper strip with a pink coloured pencil.
  13. Adhere flock scallop ribbon to the edge of the album.
  14. Add flocked brads to the holes in the album (metal wings may need to be cut down so that they won’t show); cover them on the other side with punched white flock paper.
  15. Add punched papers over holes in the mini album.
  16. Accent die-cut poinsettias with flower shaped flock brads.
  17. Thread flocked ribbon through the holes and tie in a bow.

Snow With Personality  by Kim Hughes


  1. Mat photos onto white card stock.
  2. Cut a strip of silver snowflake transparency (approx. 1.5 x 12) and add underneath the row of photos.
  3. Add photo to right side of the page with title running down the right side of the photo.
  4. Punch 7 circles from red paper and add flock to 3 circles with liquid glue; adhere to the left of the mail photo.
  5. Mix pink glitter into the gray flock to make a unique colour and add to the adhesive side of the foam arrow.
  6. Cut paper strips and hand write journaling.
  7. Use paper reinforcers as small accents and add flock to the sticky side of 3 circles.
  8. Add glitter/flock mix to a pop dot and add to the inside of the small circle.
  9. Add a dot found within the flock letter pack to a small circle accent.
  10. Press a Zot onto the top of a button and add glitter/flock mix on top


Merry Christmas  by Kim Hughes


  1. Cut a standard 4.25 x 5.5 card base from pink paper.
  2. Cut down the scalloped cardstock to approx. 4 x 4.75 and add to card base.
  3. Add brads to scalloped paper holes.
  4. Trace mitten pattern onto the back of the striped paper and cut out.
  5. Add a pink cuff to the mitten after cutting a scalloped edge in the bottom.
  6. Add white flock to a snowflake accent and attach it to the mitten with a green flocked brad.
  7. Use a glue pen to colour in some of the stripes in the patterned paper and then apply red flock.
  8. Press sentiment stamp onto a Glue pad and stamp onto the bottom of the card.
  9. Immediately press red flock onto the sentiment.
  10. Allow to dry before tapping off excess flock


Seasons Greetings  by Kimber McGray


  1. Cut snowflake pattern paper 8.5×5.5 and fold in half to create basic card background.
  2. Cut white cardstock 5.5×3; cut a curve in the 5.5 long side to create the “snowy hill” effect.
  3. Using the flocking kit from We R Memory Keepers, transfer the sentiment onto the bottom corner of the white cardstock.
  4. Cover the sentiment with pink flock; adhere white cardstock with sentiment to bottom of card front.
  5. Create the flocked snowflakes on extra white cardstock using the flocking image kit and pink flock; cut out and adhere to card front.
  6. Stamp 3 tree images on extra white cardstock with black ink.
  7. Using blender pens and olive ink; colour in the trees.
  8. Cut out the stamped tree images and trim to different heights; adhere to card front


Innocent   by Kim Hughes


  1. 1.Cut the cream cardstock slightly smaller than 12×12 and mat onto blue paper.
  2. 2.Line up photos at an angle for more visual appeal.
  3. 3.Cut paper strips and hand journal on them.
  4. 4.Add white flock on top of the alphabet stickers with liquid glue.
  5. 5.Punch 1 green snowflake from green decorative flock paper; add a green flocked brad to the center of the snowflake and add as an “o” within the title “snow.”
  6. 6.Hand write “with personality” onto white cardstock; cut it into a strip and add to the page with a pink brad.
  7. 7.Press lace snowflake paper onto an adhesive sheet and press white flock onto the entire surface.
  8. 8.Cut down lace paper to approx. 8×3 and use excess paper to cut an accent snowflake to use next to the title.
  9. 9.Adhere lace snowflake paper to page with liquid adhesive.
  10. 10.Apply liquid glue to the tops of pink brads and dip into pink flock (allow to dry).
  11. 11.Punch snowflakes from patterned pink flock paper and add to the lace snowflake paper with pink brads.
  12. 12.Cut a thin strip of multi-coloured patterned paper and add under photos.
  13. 13.Wrap pom pom ribbon around the layout and adhere to the back with tape.
Yummy Stuff Decorative Jar for SCT Magazine

Yummy Stuff  by Kim Hughes


  1. Tie red flocked ribbon around the neck of the jar.
  2. Tie twine around the ribbon knot.
  3. Tie jingle bells onto the ends of the twine.
  4. Stamp “yummy stuff” onto white flock paper and cut a tag around the words.
  5. Cut a scalloped edge in the bottom of the tag and punch a hole in the tag.
  6. Attach tag to ribbon with a safety pin.
  7. Trace the lid onto the back of patterned white flock paper and cut a circle to cover the top of the lid.
  8. Cut 2 holly leaves from patterned white flock paper and lightly colour over each leaf with a green coloured pencil.
  9. Create pink brads by colouring white flock brads with a Copic marker.
  10. Apply ink to all paper edges and adhere all pieces to the jar lid.