We are back with Summer Fullerton today and of course, another great project for our viewing and creative pleasure! Read on my friends…

Last week I did a little shopping with a girlfriend at one of my favorite stores, JCrew. I came home and unpacked my goodies and was taking my shopping bag to the recycling bin when I immediately stopped thinking the natural kraft bag could easily be altered into a fun gift bag.


I cut off the original handle and covered the bag with tons of scrap papers. I chose not to reattach a handle as most traditional gift bags have rather I tied a ribbon through the holes to close up the top.


Inspired by my repurposed gift bag I decided to look around for something else I could alter and I found this Ipod packaging left over from Christmas.

I used the original packaging as a pattern and fit the paper on the inside of the plastic packaging. Vellum adhesive works great for adhering the paper without showing. This little decorative box is perfect for a gift card or a pair of earrings!

Thank you so much for joining me this week! Are you a little inspired to search your house for a few packages to repurpose? Hope so!