Here are a few quick tips for using some of your beloved scrapping tools….

Non-Slip? – Does your trimmer slip around on your work table when you use it? Try a piece of non-slip material (like your husband’s router matting or the material you use to hold your rugs in place) under your trimmer. No more slipping and sliding while you work!

Sharpen – Sharpen your punches but cutting through a piece of tin foil to sharpen the cutting blades. This also works for scissors.

Dirty Tools? – Drying wetting a Q-Tip with rubbing alcohol and wiping away all the sticky residue from your scissors. “Udu” also works for removing extra sticky residue.

Ease of Cutting – When using a free-standing cutting tool like a Coluzzle, shape cutter or a craft knife, try cutting it on a glass plate. The blade tends to move more freely across the slick surface of the glass.

Scoring – If you have a paper trimmer, use an embossing stylus, or a pen that has run out of ink to score your paper. You can line it up so you can measure exactly where you want the score, and the blade track will keep it perfectly straight.

Dry Embossing – Instead of setting an eyelet, you can dry emboss your paper with the Crop-o-dile. You get a nice little embossed circle.

Article by: Allison Cope