Today we wanted to share this BEAUTIFUL springtime card with you. Created by Cassandra Cooper of Daisy Bucket Designs, this card tutorial is not only gorgeous, it is inspiring!

Here is Cassandra with her tutorial:

Songbird Card

Supply List
1 Daisy Card-Raindrop
1 6” piece Chocolate Shimmer Ribbon
1 Posh Leaf Stamp
1 Flower Trio Stamp
1 Songbird Rub-on

#1: Cut 2 pieces of ribbon 1” longer than you would like your finished branch to be. Wet the ribbon in a bowl of water.

#2: Tie the 2 pieces of ribbon together about 1/3 of the way from one end.

#3: Roll the smaller 2 sections of ribbon together between your fingers to form the thicker lower branch.

#4: Separate the longer portions of ribbons into 4-5 sections. Roll each section between your fingers to create a branch.

#5: While rolling some of these branches split them again to create small forks in the branch. Continue until all branches are created.

#6: Shape your branch and set aside to dry. Once hard and dry you can trim the ends of your branches to add some variety in length.

#7: Once your branch is trimmed and dry you can add it to your card.

#8: Stamp leaves and flowers. For a variety of color on your leaves, ink once and stamp twice.

#9: Add the rub-on bird and notes to your branch.

Songbird Card
by Cassandra Cooper

Use this technique to create embellishments for scrapbook pages, altered projects and cards. Try creating a smaller branch with one large flower or a whole tree.

Thank you Cassandra for sharing this super cute card and technique with us today!

Article by: Cassandra Cooper