Allison Cope is back again with us this week to share an inexpensive project with you that uses stuff you already have at home.

Here is Allison’s project tutorial:

Your Supply List:

– toilet tissue
– water
– paper towels
– rubber or acrylic stamps

Step One:
Grab your supplies.


Step Two:

Fold 4-5 pieces of toilet tissue on the scored lines to create a square of tissue. If you use single ply tissue, add a few more squares.

Step Three:

Take your folded squares and run them under the tap. Moisten the tissue but don’t completely soak it. Ring out the paper to get rid of the excess water.


Step Four:

Flatten your wet tissue out to its square, flat shape again. Lay the wet tissue over top of your stamp.

Step Five:

Using your finger tips, lightly press the wet tissue into all the details of your stamp.


Step Six:

OPTIONAL: CAREFULLY tear the edges of your wet tissue for a torn look. Be careful not to tear too closely to your raised image.

Step Seven:

Using your paper towels, LIGHTLY and CAREFULLY press on the wet tissue to absorb any excess water in your paper.

Step Eight:

Carefully remove your embossed wet tissue from your stamp. I placed mine on a piece of paper towel on a cookie cooling rack. Let it dry! Repeat steps as desired for any of your stamps! Make plenty because you’ll need to experiment!


Here is what they look like dry…. they are crisp, white and opaque.

Now create some thing with your paper cast image!!!!

You can also alter them too….
– colour them with markers
– paint them
– spray them with coloured mists
– add glitter or bling
– distress them
– ink them
– experiment…. that’s the fun part!

Here’s what I made using one of my paper posies…. I rubbed mine with a little sponge applicator with some distress inks on it.