The talented Linda Harrison is back again with us today to talk “tags” with us.

Here’s Linda with her project:

Continuing from Monday’s challenge to get an early start on our holiday tags and cards, I am here with a card I created using lots of different textures. I’m finding that the store-bought cards are getting craftier and craftier (which is a good thing) but it’s making it harder to create a card that looks completely homemade and not possibly store-bought. Well, I say throw on the texture and add touches that no machine could ever duplicate.

Peace on Earth Card
by Linda Harrison

For this card, I used sandpaper, an edge distresser, hand stitching, hand beading, and foam squares to help give this card lots of handmade details.

To add the beading to the card, I started with some embroidery floss, small craft beads and my stitch template from Bazzill. I first poked holes around the perimeter of the front of my card using the template. I then used the embroidery floss and a large needle to sew along through the designated holes. Once I got to where the template pattern called to create an ‘x’ stitch, I slid a bead over my needle and onto the embroidery floss so that it sits on top of each ‘x’ on the card.

To add beads to any of your projects, you can simply stitch them on anywhere you desire. You don’t have to have a template or any other hand stitching. Simply sew on the bead(s) and you have added a pretty and personal touch to your card.

Article by: Linda Harrison