The Colour Suite

Welcome to the June Colour Suite. This month I thought it would be fun to start talking a little about colour theory so I put together a suite based on analog colours. Okay now you are probably wondering what I am talking about. Analog colors are colours that sit side by side on the colour wheel. This month’s challenge was built off green, yellow and orange and since we always work with 5 colours I added in a light peach which is a wonderful complement to the bright orange. And finally I added a neutral grey to balance everything out.

If you ever wondered if I take my own challenge the answer is yes. I always create the colour suite then I get crafty. Sometimes I find my own suites a bit challenging. Like this month for example, the light peachy orange was hard for me to work with. Too bad I couldn’t find a patterned paper in my stash as beautiful as my inspiration photo. What I ended up using on my layout was a patterned paper that gives the illusion and feel I wanted without actually being an exact match. The fine chevron orange pattern from My Minds Eye looks peachy especially when it’s layered right next to the bold orange. If you find yourself struggling with one of the colours try staying in the same colour family just go darker or lighter. Also take a second look at your patterned papers you might just find a hidden gem among the group like it did.

Happy Crafting ~ Summer

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